Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Polly

I ordered these gorgeous singlet tops from
 They are just beautiful.
Hannah rather fancied the pink one as a dress and you should have seen the hip swinging attitude! I dont think Im ready for Hannah dressed up like that she looks so much sweeter when you team the top with a
 The white one looks great teamed with one my
These 2 tops cost me $9.95ea delivered and were here in 3 days! A bargain!

Australia Day! Bloody Awesome!

How good is Australia Day? We love it, and like a lot of other Aussies we head to the beach!
We took the 4bies down to Samurai, slopped on a lot of sunscreen, and proceeded to have a great day at the beach!
 Aunty Dippy, she bought the dips, and despite all good efforts the chips ended up sandy, so we decided then it was time to share with the kids! Any way we had bbq chook sandwiches, The kids boogie boarded and splashed Grandad and surfed! The adults drank beer (except for the designated drivers of course!) and the kids drank red fizzy (you're allowed to make your kids hyper on Australia Day)!
The whole way along the beach though was groups of people, playing cricket, swimming, hanging out with friends. Tim started counting how many cars were on the beach and gave up somewhere around 250, they all had flags on them, its a photo I wish I had!
I hope you all had a great Australia Day, yesterday, We did!!!
Go Aussie, oi oi oi!
PS Tim and I, we also enjoyed our wedding anniversary, 9 yrs!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Purple Maxi

Back into it!
Here's my first new creation for 2011, I love it!
Purple has always been my favourite colour and I love the head scarf with the maxi, its just a really groovy outfit!
Dont you think?
Available at the madeit store for $40.00 each + $6.00 postage

Fave Finds for Today

Isn't Hannah the prettiest Christmas Fairy?
This is my favourite dress and Hannah's also, I have spent most of today trying to find more of this fabric, but have had no luck! So sadly I will have to mark this one as being SOLD OUT!
I did, however, buy this very cool purple fabric today, and it will look great made up in this maxi style! Its cut out and will hopefully be made up and on madeit tomorrow!

So now that we are talking about madeit, I am sharing some of my fave finds from today
 Tutus by Little Fish Creations Hannah and I are a little bit fond of tutus.
We also love Maxis and this one from Funky Monkey is gorgeous.
Love the colours in this dress from Brusselsprouts.
I also love this one from Funky Monkey, I really like crocheted stuff!
and this top from My One Brown Mouse is just gorgeous
Go shopping at Madeit, I dare you!

This is a photo of my handsome magic boy, taken on Christmas morning!
His favourite gifts were his magic set and his money sorter!
Move over Copperfield, the Great Jaydo's coming to Vegas!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We're Back!

We have had a long vacation and it was great!
No internet, very little TV,  just family and friends and lots of fun!
How lucky are we to be able to pack up for over a month and escape to our caravan and find koalas sleeping in the trees? I have to tell you this one might have been cute, but man did he smell... bad! And when they stomp on your roof at night and snort like wild pigs, you kind of forget they're cute, for a little while!

As well as caravanning we went camping, totally bush!
8 day, no showers, smell the love!
Diary of a wimpy kid is Jayden's favourite movie!
so no showers. no flushing toilets, lots of rain and leaky tents, a few kangaroos, not so many goannas this time! Plenty of fun and lots of water sports! Very proud of myself, learning to kneeboard at 38, loved it so much!!! Came home black and blue and sore all over, but cant wait to do it again, Easter if not before.
The kids all skiied including Jack and I have to say I was close to tears watching this little boy ski around a big lake
He's so clever!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! I want to share 1 last photo. a great Christmas gift

 I am going to check out some of the charity auctions running on FB at the moment to help raise money for the Queensland Flood Victims. I am amazed at the resilience of the Australian spirit, to get on, to help out! I hope to help out in some way, even if just by supporting some of these Auctions!
Welcome 2011!