Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In Holiday Mode

The madeit shop is now in vacation mode! I have a few orders to finish for family and friends, and then i'll be in vacation mode! Tim (the hubby), he'll be in vacation mode from Thursday afternoon, and the kids cant wait! Jack cant wait for snow, so we are going to make snowcones (not much chance of snow on Christmas Day in Newcastle, rain highly likely though, according to the weatherman!)
There's a good chance the adults might enjoy a snowcone or 2 as well on Christmas Day, ours might contain a bit of vodka and marguerita mix though...
So the family will be relaxing, eating, drinking and playing! We will be at the beach surfing and at the lake skiing, Tim will go fishing and we'll bbq sausages for tea! We have got 3 weeks together to just have fun...

Jayden and Jack will try to remember that they are NOT  a part of the WWF team, hopefully we can have a no wrestling policy, I wont hold my breath though!
 Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you have an amazing time with your families!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Made from Scrap

Love these pyjamas! A little bit vintage with ribbon and lace!
I even had this bizarre idea to pin tack the front, my textiles teacher wold be so proud! I might start smocking next, (you should all laugh and scoff now!)
These pyjamas were made from scrap, for Hannah, because I couldn't be bothered wading through the washing pile trying to find her 26 other pairs of pyjamas! 
But, that could be a good thing, because I quite like these pyjamas and plan on finding some more fabric, in a light voile, with purple, and adding ribbon and lace....

Custom orders re opening mid January!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa doesn't always ride a Harley....

Tonight we had Jack and Hannah's first preschool concert, it was sooo cute!
I dont know why, but I was amazed by Jack who knew all the steps and followed and kept up, he refuses to dance at home and is easily embarrassed! But he did great, and he knew it too, (he kept giving us the thumbs up)! Hannah has been so excited about the concert, she doesn't mind a bit of spotlight!
All the kids did so well, and they had so much fun, especially when Santa came.
Hannah wanted her photo taken with Santa, Jack really didn't, but decided since Hannah wasn't scared he would go too!
They both came back with lollies and orange juice, Jack so pleased to have sat on Santas knee,
Hannah, tickled pink with the lollies and orange juice, informed me
"mum, it's not really Santa Clause, it's actually JUST a Person"
in between rasing her eyebrows, and rolling her eyes that we considered her silly enough to not work out that this Santa, was actually NOT the real Santa, I lamely offered that maybe he was one of Santa's helpers,
"no Mum, he really is actually just a person"!
Funny that Santa on a Harley was so much more believable to her....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A few Christmas Specials

In stock, ready to be posted in time for Christmas if you're quick!
Shabby Maxi size 3/4
$35.00 delivered
Little Purple Flower Lace Dress
$30.00 delivered
size 2/3
Items will be shipped express post if ordered before Thursday, after that I'm not too sure that Australia Post can get them to you for Christmas!
Sorry but these prices are for Australian delivery only.
If interested you can contact me at metcalfe.lee@optusnet.com.au
or check my facebook page at
FB will eventually let me upload these photos, maybe in time for next christmas... sigh!
Nearly only 10 days to go,
need to finish Christmas Shopping!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Rides a Harley

How gorgeous is this fabric?????
The pink is just beautiful, a real deep watermelon!
I put this outfit on facebook and got such an amazing reaction, the pantsuit is made from the lightest cotton and is so cool and comfortable.
The pantsuit is $25.00 + $6.00 postage and is available at my madeit store

The lovely girls at Ank Bowtique featured my Retro Maxi Dress over on their blog, pretty Happy :)
Retro Maxi is $40.00 + $6.00 postage
and is available in the madeit store

We had Christmas Carols at my Nan's nursing home on Sunday night, and the kids were so excited because Santa was coming! Santa arrived with a roar and a trail of smoke on a harley! He was wearing his summer suit, it was a bit warmer in Newcastle than the North Pole!
Santa handed out lollies and presents, and posed for photos, the kids loved it!
They were a little concerned however when this Ocker aussie bloke wearing a black AC/DC tsirt, black jeans and workboots rode off on Santa's Harley!
11 days to go :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Summer Days

There's not much chance of a White Christmas here in Newcastle, but we are loving these beautiful summer days spent at the beach! Jack and Jayden look great on the beach in their beach boy boardies, very groovy! 
Boardies are available at my madeit store

 This is where you'll find us for most of the Chrissy Holidays, hanging out at the beach with family and friends and a great big bottle of sunscreen!

This is Hannah's favourite skirt at the moment and she wears it every where! She's also pretty pleased that at 4 her hair has finally decided to grow, she spends ages looking at herself in the mirror brushing her long hair!
If your daughter would love a skirt like Hannah's they're available in my madeit store

Enjoy your weekend :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pyjama Parties and Pillow Fights...

and teddy bears and bedtime stories,
Girly and Fun, very, very sweet!
Made from a light cotton, so cool and comfortable! Great for Australian summers, probably not so good for noe (or snow as most would call it).
Baby Doll Pyjamas now listed at madeit

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Christmas Makeover

I have given the blog a Christmas Makeover, I am beginning to feel all festive!
Not long now and Santa will be on his way, the kids are so excited, and maybe me too!
Jack was telling me yesterday how excited he is, he asks me everyday if its Christmas yet?
But the part he cant wait for is noe (snow), he's never seen it before, and unfortunately, unless there is a truly amazing Christmas miracle, its not likely to happen in our neck of the woods on Christmas Day!
I wonder how much a noe machine would cost??? 
If I won lotto, I would fly him to somewhere with snow for Christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Captain Jack's Book Arrived

12 x 12 inch hardcover story book starring Jack with guest appearances by Jayden and Hannah, and a few more odd bodies!
Jack loves it!
Hannah Does too and Jayden wants to take it to school for news day!
PS I couldn't wait for Christmas to give it to him, we were all so excited!
I wonder what adventures he'll have in his next story.....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hannah's Handmade Pyjama's

I was just going through photos and found this one of Hannah, she was about 18mths old and had been exploring the backyard. I remember taking this photo because she was always getting dirty and didn't seem too girly....
She definately didn't grow into the tomboy I thought she may have, she is the girliest girl, the most precious princess!

And Hannah (and Jack and Jayden) have always worn handmade pyjamas! Their Nan makes them pyjamas for every spring/summer and autumn/winter.
Hannah has almost loved the pyjamams I made on friday to death already! She spent Saturday running around a caravan park in them, and could not convince her she needed to get dressed! (we did manage to convince her she couldnt swim in them!).

I am sharing this photo of Jack that I took the other day, its sooo sweet!

Weekends Over! Christmas is getting closer, i'll never be ready in time!!!!!!!!
Hopefully all your presents are bought and wrapped, and all you need to do is enjoy!

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Baby Doll PJ's

I have been wanting to make these PJ's for a while, a bit like we used to wear when we were kids!
These are made from the lightest cotton, so great for our Australian summer! Perfect for those Christmas morning shots, tousled hair, still sleepy but excited eyes....
Its a busy weekend coming up, so I will list these on madeit.com.au
on Sunday night!
Have a great weekend :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Its beginning to look a bit like christmas

Its taken us 3 days of moving furniture and sorting through toys to get the Christmas tree up!
The whiz bin is full of broken toys, and McDonalds toys! The front verandah is full of bags with fisher price toys, little people cars, tickle me elmo and chicken dance elmo! There's lots of musical instruments, I almost cried when we decided it was time for these to go....
But we made room for the Christmas Tree, and all the new toys Santa is going to bring us!
 Hannah looked after the bottom of the tree. Jack, in between dreaming of what more he could he add to his Santa list, decorated the back of the tree!
 We usually try and get a family shot under the christmas tree each year, but so far this is as good as it gets!
Might try again tomorrow.... maybe! This shot was taken about 30 seconds before Hannah was face planted into the floor by Jayden, as they were all trying to get away from Mum's camera!

I dont get it! What could possibly be wrong with living your life under the constant scrutiny of my camera!!!
Happy December! May your days be Merry and Bright!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Long grass, Long days and Long Dresses!

I love these maxi's!
I am even thinking I might make myself one!
I love the colours in this one, they're bright but earthy! And this style of dress its fun and summery!
I love summer, but was watching the news the other day about the snake invasion in NSW's backyards, so as pretty as the dandelions and wet the bed flowers are, we are going to buy a new lawn mower, and I am going to look outside of my own backyard for photoshoot locations!
Cant believe the weekend is over already!
Tomorrow is mine and Tim's 10 yr anniversary of being together, I have to take 2 x 4 yr olds for their 4 yr old needles, I hope they 'do' them both at the same time! So cross your fingers for me, no temperatures or adverse reactions, and we might get to sneak out for dinner!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Ally wanted to know if I could do the green Spotty Dress in Purple with a white flower?
Well, yes I can!
I think it looks pretty good too!
These dresses are so sweet and comfy for the littlies to wear, but i am going to make some in bigger sizes and get photos, because I think some of the bit bigger girls might like them too!
I have just listed this dress at madeit
If you would like this dress in a different colour combo you can email me @ metcalfe.lee@optusnet.com.au
Enjoy Your Sunday :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bloopers and out-takes

Jack and Jayden sometimes want to get in on the photo action. So yesterday while taking photos of the Retro Maxi Dress they grabbed a hat each (made by me) so we could have a Hannah Banannas Designs product shoot which included them. Well if we were big enough to have a catalogue, we wouldn't be using these shots! I dont even think Nanna would hang them on her wall, but I will print them, and smile everytime I look at them in the photo album, and Jayden, Jack and Hannah, they'll laugh together at each other!

Do you get your photos printed and put them in albums or do they stay on your computer or memory stick?
I wait for the 10c print sales and get 500 printed at a time! No-one will ever want to come to a slideshow night at my house!

For those who prefer Etsy, I have just listed the Retro Maxi Dress

Thanks for stopping by, I'll see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Retro Maxi Dress

I have finally caught up on all my orders and so my plan for today was to make Tiffany's outfit which she won on the blog giveaway. I dropped Jayden off at school, Jack and Hannah at preschool, went to start cutting out Tiffany's purple apron top, only to realise I didnt have enough mauve gingham!
So no mauve gingham and no car, off I trot, 2 feet and a heartbeat to spotlight! Side tracked by the Old Lolly Factory on the way (they dont sell lollies anymore, but lots of really cool retro goodies!) bought myself a really funky shirt for $6.00!
Finally got to Spotlight found the gingham I needed, and then because you have to browse while you're there, I spent too much money, but came up with this....
LOVE love this fabric! and the dress style would suit a 2 yr old or a 7 yr old!
I have just listed this dress at madeit, so you can find it here
$40.00 each

Tiffany your parcel is on its way, I hope Poppi loves her new outfit, and I hope you and your family have a great holiday!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Teddy Bears and Tea Party's

I remember when I was little, we had a casette tape with Anne Murray singing kids songs. It had inch worm, animal crackers in my soup and teddy bears picnic! I loved that cassette and still remember most of the words to the songs, I wish I could find a copy for the kids!
Here's Hannah's teddy bear's picnic
Love the Green Spot Dress!

I have just finished the last pages of Jacks Book, uploaded them to Big W, and am now going to wait very patiently for it to arrive! I wonder if I can hold out till Christmas Day to give it to him???

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hannah Banannas at the Beach

Which silly mum took fully dressed children to the beach?
They were never going to stay dry! They did have fun however, lots of it!
The purple apron top looks pretty good with the blue ruffle pants too! (well it did when they were dry!)
Some Monet Paisley bikinis would have looked great!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Family Camping Trip

We have just had a brilliant weekend away!
1 Family, 3 generations so much fun!
I will just share a couple of photos with you.....
 The weather on Friday was shocking! Pouring down rain, blowing a gale and we were going away camping.. in a tent. My Mum rang at 8.30am and said "I hope you dont mind but I've just rang up and booked you a cabin" Mum, you already know how much I love you, but Thank You!
Come Saturday, the weather was gorgeous! It must have been, because even I went swimming!
Jack and Hannah were a talking point in the pool, they were the only flying 4 year olds!
(you will have to excuse Hannah's wedgie, it was a permanent fixture in all her swimming photos!).
This is some of the family who were on our trip. My cousin Isabelle and her boyfriend James, so oblivious to all the slightly tipsy going ons around them! Oh to be young and in love again!
 Cant wait till next year to do it again!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Bargain Bin!

Not really a bin, obviously! But its time for out with the old, make room for the new!
This little set would be perect for a garden party! Or just great for picking flowers in, or looking for dandelions (our yard is full of them! They may be a weed, but much prettier and so much more fun than grass!). These photos dont do justice to the outfit, too much green, but Hannah wore this to school this afternoon and quite a few of the mums commented on how pretty it was.
I have 1 x size 2 and 1 x size 3 left and to buy the whole outfit (pants and top) is $24.00 including postage.

Shabby Chic Dress
1 left
size 3
Its pretty and girly, a little bit twirly!
I thought I had 2 of these left but Hannah has claimed one!
 $26.00 including postage

More bargains to come next week!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stocktake Sale

I have been cleaning out my sewing room again, going through fabrics and ready made stock! So keep an eye out this week you might snag a bargain for Christmas!
The Paint Splatter Dresses I have 2 left in the purple/orange combo
1 size 3 and 1 size 6
$20.00 delivered to your door!

They are fun and bright, great for dancing and twirling,
cool and light, they're even great if you just want to pull them over your head and show everyone the pretty yellow fairy undies you're wearing, like Hannah did!
(I have photos of this, but thought best not to post them here! They were pretty fairy undies!)
I am off to bed now, to those who are also sleepy, sleep well!
If you're on the otherside of the world and just waking up, then I hope you have a wonderful day!

Jack's Pirate Book

Hopefully finished and printed in time for Christmas!
( 1 double page to go) here's the story so far
The Front Cover for the Book!

I think Jack will like it!

I used High Four Designs, A Pirates Adventure
available at http://www.deviantscrap.com/