Thursday, April 28, 2011


Jack has been asking for the last few months could he have either a baby or a dog?
My answer was No!
No more babies, i would aready have enough teenagers to worry about in my mid fifties, babies are nice, but....
No dogs, there is no medicare for dogs and I hate the smell of dog food! (cant even cope with walking down the pet food aisle at woolies).
Oscar needed a home and the kids loved him, and just between you and me, I think he's rather cute!
Jack's tickled pink and came in this morning, woke Tim and I up, to tell us that Oscar said bark, like a proud parent who's child has just uttered his first word!
As much as Jack loves Oscar, he hates walking so opted to stay home with Dad while Hannah and I took Oscar for a walk to pick up Jayden from school. When Oscar used to visit if he was inside Hannah was outside, or the other way around! I was a little worried that she might take a while to adjust. I didnt need to worry! She calls him Osc and talks to him non stop and she loved walking him to school today.
Someone mentioned today that Oscar looks like the dragon from Neverending Story, maybe not in these photos but she does have a point
BTW I loved that movie!
and I think the families going to love having a dog :)) 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

$3.00 for a Bucket of Chalk

The kids wanted some arts and crafts to do while I was sewing through the school holidays, the local cheapy shop didnt have much, but they did have a big bucket of chalk!
The kids have been drawing and hopping happily for days!
Jayden and Jack's hopscotch goes up to 93 and goes round a couple of corners!
.. and Hannah's
well you would want little feet and the ability to read hieroglyphics! I love that she chose to use high heels as opposed to a good old stone! Apparently, she didnt care if she got chalk on her knickers, but she didnt want it on her dress! ( might have to work that issue out with her before she goes to school?)
Hannah and I played hopscotch for a little while, but someone wasn't too good at doing her pelvic floor exercises and had to dash to the loo....!
This photo, taken 3 yrs ago, is my screen saver!
What photo do you have as your screen saver?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting back the SewJo!

Its been a little low!
So I followed some advice from some very lovely ladies!
see Georgie Girls blog Post
I made a fairy dress for Hannah (strictly speaking, still making)!
I wanted a beautiful dress for Hannah's new storybook, So I made her one!
Its still in the tweaking stage, but if it turns out, I thought Id share how I made it, No pattern required!
I had a trial run! Hannah wearing the Gypsy Dress
If you want to make your own Fairy Book for someone Special
you can get these beautiful graphics from
Stay tuned, dress hopefully finished tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some Days!

Some Days I am a grumpy Mummy!
Like today :((
So many orders I am trying to get through and yet I spent more time with an unpicker in my hand, than I did sewing, Uggh!
I thought I would have a break and a nice hot bath! Time out and peace and quiet, is there such a thing when you have kids?
Well this little Princess found me,
She came into the bathroom for a pooh and a chat! She sat on the loo, swinging her legs for 15 minutes chatting away, I kept saying to her are you done yet, can you push the button?
(its a small bathroom)!
But Hannah wanted to talk about when she was a baby, her favourite topic,
Did she cry? Yes! alot! She finally stopped when we put her on solids.
Did she bite? Yes! Who? Everyone!
When I was a baby did I sleep? Sometimes, but not much!
Was I born in a horsepitol? Yes, are you finished poohing and can you please push the button!!!
Mummy, when I was born, where you there? Yes Hannah I was there for the 18 hrs it took for Jack to come out, and I was there when you fell out 6 minutes later!
Did I cry when I fell out? Yes but you didnt hurt yourself because a very nice doctor caught you!
Oh!! was Daddy there when I was born? Kind of, he was in the room, but the golf was on....
Somewhere around here she finished her business and finally flushed the toilet,
Then Jayden found me too, and the conversation turned to farting!
Hannah, "mum, did you know Jayden lets me smell his farts?"
Me, "No, why do you want to smell Jayden's farts?"
Hannah, "oh, because he makes me!"
Me, 'Jayden, why do you make Hannah smell your farts?"
Jayden, "its better when you share them! and did you know I did one sooo big yesterday it caused an earthquake in Africä?"
Me, "no Jayden, I didn't know that! I was at work last night and missed the news!"

Sometimes toilet humour is funny?
Hip Hip Hooray its tomorrow!
Happy Hump Day!!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Gypsy Top

This is one of my most Favourite  fabric finds! It is the most gorgeous colours and light weight fabric. goes so well with the purple voille ruffle pants!!!
I am so lucky that I can ring my Mum and describe a fabric and an idea in my head and she comes up trumps every time!
I hope you like as much as I do....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Beach Sucks

,Said so succinctly by Jack,
"there is no sand, the waves are too big and there are too many stairs"!
(for a child in speech therapy, working on "s" sounds, the S at the beginning of "sucks" was beautiful!).
We were at the Bogey Hole, a pool, manmade by convicts in the early 1800's.
Jack and Hannah and I had gone up to King Edward Park to take some photos of the new top I had made. Hannah just wanted to stay and play on the swings, but Jack and I wanted to explore and it turned into a big walk and adventure, big enough to justify a carb loaded lunch!
It was fun though, we played in the rotunda, walked down stairs and found gardens, walked down lots of hills, wich is always a bit of a worry when you know your car is parked at the top. We then walked up hills and found the bogey hhole, said sucky beach! We got a little wet from the spray of the huge waves. We kept trudging up the hill and found a lookout where we stopped for a rest and a bit of shark spotting, there werent any!
A beautiful spot to visit in Newcastle, going to pack a picnic next time!
Hannah wants you to look at her new shoes, she's just a little in love them.