Saturday, October 8, 2011

"That" talk!

I have mentioned a few times on facebook the games, conversations i overhear/eavesdrop on as I sew, between Jack and Hannah,
they talk alot, setting the scene for their games, and yesterday I was almost choking, with laughter and something else as I listened,
They were planning to play Mum's and babies, but they were both babies,
Hannah, 'Right Jack!, pretend we were just born out of Mum's butt, were gonna need a bath!"
Jack giggled and made some baby noises,
Hannah, "i'm serious Jack, we came out of Mum's butt, we're covered in Pooh, and we need a bath? or something?"
Oh Dear, where do they get this?

A few months ago Hannah asked me how "you got a baby?"
While i was thinking through how much to say, or how little , to a 4 yr old,
I started with, "you need to be a grown up ladý",
Hannah was happy with that and so was I.....

My family still talk/laugh about my first sex education class at school,
Mum asked me did I have any questions, I pretty much understood it all,
except for one thing..
why did the teachers call it intercourse, when I knew for a fact that it was called rooting!
Sex Education via public/school toilet doors.

I might wait a little bit longer before having "that" talk, I did point out however that they were in my tummy and didnt come out of "my butt",
I will let you all know if next time they play Mum's and Babies, they're covered in belly button fluff!

Little Miss Curiosities dress was made by me and is available at

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who Said you never forget how to ride a Bike???

Ok, well maybe it's true, I didnt forget how!
But my Bum sure forgot, and my leg muscles too!
and if I can offer a little advice, if you haven't ridden a bike in 7 years, then 6.5kms around Dubbo Zoo isn't the best time to take up bike reading again.
One more piece of, what I think is really good advice, whether riding a bike, walking, driving... make sure the person with the map knows how to read it! ( when you feel like you're dying on a bike you dont want to be lost, TRUST ME!!!) P.s Vicki I still Love you!

Ok so technically, this photo is day two, and we travelled by car, but still the giraffes were a favourite on both days!

The Elephants were a little boring, apparently, until the kids found out that while Dad was washing the Rhinoceruses, Pop was wiping the Elephants' bums!
Hannah thought it was Gross, the boys thought it was very Cool!

 Dad is also an accomplished Painter, a busy one too! As he painted all the Zebra's stripes!
It sure was a long way in the bike and very tiring according to Hannah
(who was in a caboose)!
Kind of knowing how the Tiger feels!
We were feeling a little tired too!
Jayden was definitely over it

Honestly though! We had a great day, make that 2, at Dubbo Zoo!
and if you mention McDonalds for Lunch, its an absolute reviver!

..and Happy Birthday Jaydo, I cant believe your 8!
I love you to infinty and beyond....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jaydo's Theory of Evolution!

Jack loves sharks, pirates and dinosaurs!
Especially he loves T-rex's!
Today he wanted to know if they were real?
Jayden stepped in to answer
"Jack, Trex's WERE real, but there not anymore, because they're all dead! We call that being extinct! So I guess they're still real, but because they're dead and extinct they dont exist anymore. And Jack! Did you know? That when the dinosaurs were around there were no people, just monkeys and apes, and they somehow turned into people! And thats when the aborigines started living in Australia,
Monkeys and Apes had brown fur and thats why the aborigines have brown skin".
 Jack,did you know, thats where we live, in Australia!
.. eventually there were white people too, I think that happened when they invented TV and we didn't go outside very much anymore!"
Gotta love a childs perspective of the world
For Trex and Dinosaur fans we have Dinosaur Train shorts and backpacks coming soon! Toot Toot!

Coming Soon!!

I am in the process of opening a big cartel store,
for the boys!
Lots of Super Hero pants and hats..
We've got Superman, Batman, Spiderman (should arrive soon)!
They are seriously cool and funky! and Heaps of Fun!
Just ask Jack?

Jacky Boy Designs, online shopping coming soon!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

3600 fabrics drastically reduced!

This is the newest message from my New Favourite fabric source,
Be still my beating heart...
I dont get excited anymore about shoe catalogues, or the latest Portman's enews, I can shop Etsy, Madeit, Ebay, Facebook at home wearing my falling apart uggies and trackie daks
But a fabric sale, I love them, I haven't looked at the 3600 drastically reduced, because I kind of shopped last night and bought more of this

and this
I also bought a very pretty fairy print for the girls, for hats, like these
No More Looking, No more Shopping
the neighbours are starting to talk about the Postman...

Sunday, September 4, 2011


For some reason its a hard word to spell!
I have tried so many versions over the last few months of facebooking and blogging, I also noticed a lot of others trying their own versions, too!
So I googled it,  D.E.F.I.N.A.T.E.L.Y should have done it months ago, turns out there are pages, forums, discussions... so many of us apparently get it wrong!
I got it wrong!, its
and I definitely have the cutest kids!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Talking Tablets

My father used to call my brother, Talking Tablets!
He also used to refer to people who talked alot of shit, as having verbal diarrhoea, which has provided many years of laughing since I told my best friend at seven, after a fight, that I didnt care if she was my friend or not because my Dad said she had Purple Diarrhoea!
But the point of this blogpost is this, I have my own Talking Tablets, we'll call her Talking Tablets2!
See I even have a photo of her talking!
While I am sewing I love listening to Jack and Hannah play, I love that they have each other and they both have such amazing imaginations! But today Jack wanted to play Wee so Hannah sat on the lounge with her pretend mobile phone and had a chat with her pretend friend for over half an hour!
They talked about clothes, Thankgod they didn't talk about boys, they had an argument, but Hannah didnt tell her she had purple diarrhoea!
So if she can talk to a pretend someone on a pretend phone, imagine the bills she could rack up on a real mobile talking to a real person.. or pretend?

Spotty Sun Hats now listed on Madeit
To All Fellow Mothers of Girls, Have Fun!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wine and Etsy, the perfect mix!

I work a couple of nights a week, at a Leagues Club here in Newcastle, waitressing.
Its not hard work, but it gets me out of the house and away from the sewing machine,
It allows me to social network for real and not just via Facebook.
But when I get home from work, everyones usually asleep. I cant sew, it upsets the neighbour, I cant watch Tv, it upsets the neighbour..
So i get on the computer, Facebook, yep usually miss all the sales,
But got lucky with one of Em and Femmes sales
But the point of this post, is after seeing whats going on in the handmade world of facebook, I usually end up back at Etsy, the supplies section!
A wine or two.. can be dangerous when shopping there!
I did get this...
Vintage 1970's John Kaldor, 4.8 metres! Stoked!!!
Loving it as a maxi dress, someone wants it  as a pantsuit and I am also seeing it as something else..
but you'll have to watch this space!
I have listed the maxi at madeit and etsy
I have had a wow of a time lately on Etsy so will probably have a bit to show you over the next coming weeks!
(We Have a new parcel postman in our area, after 3 days straight of drop offs at our house, he introduced himself and learnt Oscars name!)
Okey Dokey, Im off to bed!
No more wine and No more Etsy for tonight!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crochet Hats and Swear Words

My Lovely Mother In Law has been crocheting hats for me for the markets.
She used to crochet, once upon a time, but had forgotten how.
So she bought a book, but the hat pattern was for a ladies hat! There were a few phone calls and it was decided I would give her my hat pattern!
I use American Patterns, different terminology, sizing...
Apparently my very lovely mother in law, who wouldn't say shit for sixpence, said a whole lot more and stabbed the pattern with a crochet hook!
My business minded Father In Law has upped the Hat prices to $800.00 each! Plus postage!
She's definitely got it now, Ive got a basket full of them, even after selling a heap at the Olive Tree Market!
Apparently, she finds it relaxing :)
I am going to list some in the madeit store for $12.00, Including Postage.
The cold weather seems to be hanging around a little bit longer!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How Much is it?

Tell 'em they're dreaming!
Anyone else love The Castle?

We love the Castle, my husband knows it word for word, and the dialogue is bantered bakward and forward often! One day we would like to have our own pool room, and our caravan at the bay is our own unofficial Bonnydoon, (thankfully we dont sing the song the whole way there!)

The point of this post, however, is this...
After 12 mths of Hannah Banannas
we recently passed 100 madeit sales and I think its a milestone worth remembering and celebrating!
My first dress sold was a Tea Party Princess Dress
and I have sold many since then and created so many more outfits!
So thank you for all the support and the positive feedback,
thankyou for making my day job fun!
.. and No your Not dreamin'
1 custom spot could be yours for $5.00
tomorrow night at 9.00pm EST

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Want to win a Personalised Storybook?

A twenty page hardcover bound book, 12 x 12 inches
featuring photos of your daughter and graphics by Natasha Nast.
I found this book on my portable hard drive last night, I made it two years ago and never got around to adding Hannah to the story!
So Rather than delete it, I thought maybe someone would love one of these customised photo books.
Kids love looking at photos of themselves and hearing stories, too!

I am thinking when we reach 999 Facebook Fans, and we've still got a bit to go,
thats when this book will go up for grabs!

Not all pages are shown here!

 So what do you think?
Who would like to win one of these?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Not Much Blogging but a whole lot of sewing!

Not much washing folded though!
I closed the madeit shop so I could catch up and finish Custom Orders, Done!
Clean my Sewing Room, Done!
Come up with some new ideas, Done!
See Photos Below...

Fold the Mount Everest Of Washing, Not Done :(

Its my major bug bear in life, its so menial and boring! I can happily clean the bath and the loo, I do the dishes, I dont enjoy it but hey, somebody has to! I dont mind standing out in the sunshine pegging out a load of washing, (we dont own a dryer, and with energy bills going up, Im glad!)
So that pile of washing is now in my bedroom with the door tightly closed. The rest of the house is vacuumed and cleaned, not devoid of toys, but somewhat tidy!
And although oneday I will concede defeat and fold the washing, today I had too much fun sewing!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sometimes I read Mills and Boon books..

..but dont tell anyone!
I love reading, I dont read as often as I used to,
before twins, before Hannah Banannas, but this year I have picked up and read a few books!
I like to mix up my reading
This year I have read
~ The Girl in Times square, and the Bronze Horseman ~Paulina Simons
~Echo Park , and The lincoln Lawyer ~ Michael Connelly
~ 61 hours ~ Lee Childs.. Does anyone else love Jack reacher???
~ Plain Truth, and Salem Watching ~ Jodi Picoult
and I just finished reading Sarah's Key, which was one of the reasons I put my madeit shop in vacation mode. I was offered this book a few weeks ago, read the back of the book and declined as I knew it was a book that was going to take all of my attention. It Did! and I cried! Last time I cried this much reading a book was The Time Travellers Wife,
..but some books can make you laugh,
Bridget Jones, I try sooo hard not to laugh and wake up Tim, but me and the bed shake in giggles! I keep a copy of Bridget in my bedside drawers and read on days when Laughter is needed :))
Ben Elton makes me laugh too, I read Stark while away camping at Crescent Head, many years ago, fellow campers didnt find the story as funny as I did!
Pride and Prejudice is my all time fave book!
I have read all of the twilight series and I cant figure out why Edward would want to spend eternity with a chronic whinger like Bella! and why the hell Jacob would fight Edward for her???

Once Upon a time I was a big Sweet Valley High Fan!

What are you reading Now?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pyjama Days are Fun

But I really want the sun to shine again!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

and the cows go Boo!

We spent yesterday having a BBq Lunch with my Sister, Vicki and her Dutch husband Stef and His Dad, Cor. Somehow the conversation turned to animal noises and we giggled and laughed for ages as Stef was telling us the cows in Holland go Boo! No they are not trying to scare anyone, but they dont go Moo!!
Roosters go Kukeleku, not cock a doodle do and a bit of an "argument" was had as to which sound was the most ridiculous. Stef and his dad both quite incredulous as to how we could honestly believe a rooster stood there yelling Cocka doodle doo at the sun!
Crocodiles Klap, not snap!
Love those funny, random conversations :))
Hope its Sunny where you are!

Rain Rain go away!

It was a Shitty long weekend in Paradise!
Sooo much rain and wind, we got up Sunday morning and packed up and came home. The kids and I travelled home in our PJ's and stayed in them for the rest of the day. Love Pyjama Days!
Still in our PJ's we made a cake for Daddy's birthday!
It was a rainbow cake, but, we left out Indigo, it was lots of fun to make, and eat (for the kids)!
This weekend I also read the book Sarahs Key, OMG a cant put down read, emotionally challenging, but worth it!
Hope your long weekend was better than ours xx

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Glad Game

I have had so many crochet hat and headband orders in the last 2 weeks, and the thing I love about crochet orders, is the easy justification of movie watching while working!
 In the past two weeks I have made seven crochet headbands and five hats,
I have watched,
~ Mr Hollands Opus
~ Tim Wintons Cloud Street
~ Twister
~ Girls  Just Wanna Have Fun
and ~ Pollyanna
who played the glad game!

 Its so easy to get bogged down in the ho hum of life, and when things are tough its easy to forget whats good in your life!
Pollyanna hoped the missionairies would bring her a doll, they brought her crutches.
She was glad she didnt need them!
So this week I am Glad
* I watched Pollyanna
* that Spotlight is in walking distance, and I dont have to tell you about the silly broken down car!
*That I have lots of lovely customers supporting my TV addiction.
*I am Glad my Grandma taught me to crochet when I was a little girl,
I could go on, but..
What are you Glad for?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The King and Queen

of Make Believe
Jack and Hannah.....
I love listening to them play, the stories they concoct, the scenarios they play out. They make me smile and often giggle! I listen to them as they plan out their games and argue over who will play which role.
Sometimes its just random, straight off the cuff, and I sit quietly at my sewing machine and just listen.
Today they were washing Dad's boat, just pretend, Hannah was making swishing washing noises for a long time when Jack finally said "ïts my turn Hannah, to use the hose".
Queen Hannah
 She didnt want to share the hose,
sooo King Jack, he went scuba diving,
 And made himself a new friend and a pet!
His new friend shark was invited camping, but its along way to camping, so he couldnt swim, he would have to go in the trailer! Jack admonished his friend shark that he was not to  eat all our food, Jack would catch him a fish later,  He was not to eat our dog Oscar, that would make us sad! .. and pleease dont eat my sister Hannah!

The crowns Jack and Hannah are wearing are sooo easy to make and are a fun addition to any dress up box! Tomorrow I will write up a what you need and how to do it list!
Sewing machine required and able to sew in an almost straight line!