Sunday, May 29, 2011

Woopy Doo!

Notting Hill is my all time, most favourite movie!
So for those of you who have watched and rewatched the movie, remember the scene where Hugh Grant was trying to climb the fence, couldn't, and kept saying "woops! a daisy!" Anna (Julia Roberts) giggled so much! Soo Funny!!
Tonight I was (not) arguing with Jayden (7), about whether Hannah could have another glass of water before bedtime. I put all the kids to bed and got them all a glass of water, Jayden wanted to argue that Hannah had already had a drink and didnt need another. My argument was, that really, it was not Jayden's business whether Hannah had already a drink, and WOOPY DOO if she had!
Well Woopy Doo is the new word in the house! Much laughter and giggling!
Jayden, "woopy doo I love you!'
Hannah, "woopy doo, I love you, too!"
Jayden, "woopy doo, i farted on your side of the bed! I love woopy doo, why didnt you teach it to us before?"
One Day  I will share my woops! a daisy! story with you,
It involves a little bit of alcohol, a fence surrounding Newcastle Race Course and lots of P Platers beeping at the silly lady in the pretty dress, stuck on the top of the fence!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I cant Wait till I Grow up!!!

I am going to wear that Green Makeup stuff on MY eyes! It looks soooo cool!
Oh good lord, what have I created?
Is it Nature or Nurture?
Hannah went to school today, (to pick up Jayden), in this skirt, high heels which didnt match, but they were pretty! and took along the Myers makeup catalogue!
This is the same four year old girl who dragged me through a shopping centre on Saturday, picking out clothes for me!
She's a fashionista and sometimes even a diva,
She is, as everyone in my family likes to remind me,
the little girl I was hoping for!!!
The skirt I made from scraps and bits and bobs people have given me!
Its a little Matilda Jane - ish! Be Brave, put that colour with that colour.. look it works!
Hannah Likes this skirt that I made yesterday, so much that she slept in it last night and wore it again today!
She also likes her new bag from Brusselsprouts
i am thinking about making more skirts in this style, what do you think?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Florabella Actions and Textures

I finally shouted myself  Florabella Actions and Textures!
 I have been having a bit of a play the last two nights after work, on these photos Jayden took at the beach on Saturday afternoon!
Our weekend was awesome, the middle/end of May and 2 days in a row spent at the beach!
So Far I am loving Florabella!
Jaydens a pretty good photog, I have to say!
and Hannah's a pretty gorgeous model!
The ruffle Necked Halter is available in my madeit store
Hoping to list the Gingham Smock top and Headband tomorrow!
Hope you all had great weekends too :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Put your listening Ears On!

Hannah and I had a day out together, just the two of us!
Jack went to Nan and Pop's house, and Hannah and I, we went to the Audiology department at the John Hunter Hospital and then to McDonalds for lunch, but its a secret, we're not telling Jayden or Jack, shhh!
Had an ear infection, she's had three in three years, not unusual for a child who swims alot and doesn't know how to swim above the water! But her eardrum was grey or blue or something indicating glue ear so te doctor suggested a hearing test, hence todays audiology appointment.
I wasn't worried, she speaks well, she understands us, she socialises well with everyone,
I cant believe she's totally deaf in her left ear!
Sometimes Hannah would ask  the same question over and over again, sometimes she would say what over and over again, mostly I would repeat myself, but sometimes I would get frustrated and say "Hannah would you please put your listening ears on"!
It would be fair to say, I should have had my listening ears on.
Hannah will probably end up with gromets in her ears and I Hope her hearing will  be fully restored.
If you have any doubts or concerns about your childs hearing, get it checked out!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Couple of Scallywags in Funky Designer Duds

and a few reasons why you should eat lunch if your planning on drinking wine!
*you will become intoxicated much more quickly than if you had eaten
*you will miss the best part of the night because you had to go to bed
*you will wake  up the next day with a very sore head
*You wont function so  well the next day and may forget things, like leaving camera at caravan, throwing hubby's keycard on the car floor instead of putting back in his wallet after paying for petrol, ( a few repercussions from that one!)
*and last but not least,
Mummy with a hangover is not a good weekend for the kids!
Hopefully we live and learn....
Sunday was spent with a clearer head than Saturday!
So changing the subject, sort of, on Sunday the kids and I went shopping at Kmart. I owed Jayden bribe money because he kept up with his tap classes, (im glad I bribed him and so is he, he's so keen again now that Australias Got Talents started).
He is "a little disillusioned with Kmart and their toys, now that he is growing up" Jayden informs me on Sunday at all of 7 yrs old! LOL!!
Jack and Hannah went out in this get up and got so many comments, I am going to start putting Frankie Small business cards in Jacks pockets, everyone loves his upcycled Funky Duds (almost as much  as Jack)!
So remember
eat lunch/tea and wine in moderation!!!
All photos for the next week will be compliments of my phone, Hannah wishes I had left that camera behind too!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bad Hair Day

Yesterday Hannah wanted to brush my hair, I have the sort of hair that you really only brush when wet and well conditioned! But Because Hannah is Hannah she needed to ask 100 questions about why she couldn't brush my hair, because she really really wanted to and she would make me look bootiful!
So i told her that if she brushed my hair it would go all frizzy wizzy and since I had to go to work I didnt want it all frizzy.
But what is frizzy?
Frizzy is very curly, very fluffy hair and its not bootiful!
"fine then" she stomped out of the room, "I'll brush Jack's Hair"
..and there you have it, Frizzy Hair!
Looks impressed doesn't he? Wonder whose hair she'll brush next time?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Australia's Got Talent

The following photos were taken in big, brother Zac's room and we hope he doesn't read this blog!
Sometimes we sneek in there and dont touch anything, just jump on the bed and take photos, it is a room full of beautiful light, (and smelly teenage boy odours!). But today we were naughty and broke the no touching rule. Hannah was tap dancing (in Jayden's shoes, which is another story), Jack had his black fedora, all he needed was a guitar! Nothing was broken, hopefully he will never know, or he will understand?
So the kids have been watching Australia's got Talent, I haven't seen much of it, I'm a bit of a flitterer, I'll wash a couple of dishes, hang up a towel, stand in a doorway and listen to a song, unpick a skirt,
But they love it!
They're practicing for next year!
Check out the motion blur on those tap shoes, and the requisite doggy photo for Hannah,
Check out those big smiles, we had so much fun!
Look its Michael Jackson :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vintage Ruffle Skirts

I Love them! I even Like making them! Hannah likes them, they're roomy enough for running, skipping and when you team them with a pair boots you can make the grandest, stompiest exit... stage left!
I have listed this skirt here
and BTW I did not teach Hannah the hands on hip with attitude pose!
Hannah's a little over the photo thing, so at the moment the trade off is she gets her photo taken with Oscar, or today I got my Mum, Nanna, to ask her really nicely, if she would get her photo taken in her new crochet vest, because Nanna, really wanted to see it on the computer, It Worked!
(but you'll have to wait to see those photos).
Anyway I've been blog hopping lately trying to find fun new ways to take photos and even fun backdrops that the kids and I could make together, Ive found a few, so watch this space!
While we're talking blogs, I love blogs,
here are some of my faves
There's probably a thousand more I could add to the list, I could spend days just following links and getting lost in blogland..
Would love to know some of your favourites :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Vintage Ruffles, Puppy Dogs and Tantrums

Perfect for giggling and skipping!
Somedays you walk into a fabric shop and everything just falls into place! Beautiful!
First I found the floral, loved it, grabbed it, had no idea what I was going to do with it!
Then I found spots! Gorgeous, seersucker, soft, muted, coloured spots! I LoVe Spots!
I was so happy with my floral and spots, but then I found the perfect coloured poplin to tie it all together, a three tiered ruffle skirt, Beautiful!!!
Available in my madeit store
I am also thinking this combo could make up nice as an Apron Dress too???
( Hannah's singlet top is a Little Polly's Design also available at )
So while this skirt is perfect for skipping and giggling and looking gorgeous, you can also chuck a pretty impressive tantrum and look good doing it! The boots are required for full effect, if you are going to stomp out of a room, you want to be heard!
So anyway Hannah chucked a tantrum today when she realised that all Id brought home from my trip to Aldi, without her, was a bottle of juice and a loaf of bread,
It was precious and fun to watch, Thats it Im leaving" and off she flounced/ stomped, she went 2 metres and ran into Oscar, her new best friend, stopped for a chat and a cuddle, then remembered she had the pooh's, stood up and stomped off again!
Oh but she did it with style!!!
I was so happy with the first ruffle skirt I made another :)