Thursday, July 5, 2012

Things to do in Newcastle

I love School Holidays!
I love sleeping in and not rushing, not packing lunches before we have breakfast!
I love pyjama days, especially love pyjama days!
But sometimes/somedays you have to get them out the house or they go stir crazy, drive me crazy. 
Yesterday we planned it we were going to the Newcastle Museum.
We drove to the train station at Fassifern and parked the car and found nice surprise no 1,
we only had to pay for 1 child,
return to Newcastle for 1 adult and 3 children, $9.90.

 The novelty of a train ride did wear off quick!

Nice Surprise no 2!
The Museum is free!!
and if you catch the train like we did, get off at civic and its right there.

The kids loved the old tram and spent ages sitting in it,
surprising since they whinged after 5 minutes of being in a moving train!

We worked out that the last tram stopped running when Nanna was about 6 months old, but we're pretty sure Old Nan and Pa might have caught the tram to see a movie or two!

The Supernova is hands on science fun!
Kept the kids entertained for ages.

While I dont have photos you should know there is also an amazing display of artwork from primary school kids, using recyclable products!
The Museum its great, its fun, its free!
you should go. 
And since your there, in town,
take the kids on the fairy,
to Stockton!

Enjoy your school holidays :)
Oh and make sure you remember which pocket of your bag you have the return train tickets in, police do patrol and check tickets. Our nice policeman was happy with my eftpos receipt!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Self Portrait

Ok So I totally sucked the first time I tried Fat Mum Slims photo a day challenge, but since its the beginning of the new (financial) year my resolution is to last longer this time!
So todays was a self portrait, ...a tough one since I usually hit delete every time I see a photo of me.
So Hello
This is me
Wife of one (thankgod, 1's enough), mother of 4, owner of Hannah Banannas Designs, waitress (its my night job), wanna be photographer ( finally started shooting in manual mode!), awesome enchilada maker, avid reader (dont hate me, but I thought 50 shades was one of the most poorly written books i've ever read, and I also thought Bella  from Twilight was a whingey whiney twat!).
I also make pretty cool hats! :)
and have the most gorgeous children...

Nice to meet you!