Thursday, July 5, 2012

Things to do in Newcastle

I love School Holidays!
I love sleeping in and not rushing, not packing lunches before we have breakfast!
I love pyjama days, especially love pyjama days!
But sometimes/somedays you have to get them out the house or they go stir crazy, drive me crazy. 
Yesterday we planned it we were going to the Newcastle Museum.
We drove to the train station at Fassifern and parked the car and found nice surprise no 1,
we only had to pay for 1 child,
return to Newcastle for 1 adult and 3 children, $9.90.

 The novelty of a train ride did wear off quick!

Nice Surprise no 2!
The Museum is free!!
and if you catch the train like we did, get off at civic and its right there.

The kids loved the old tram and spent ages sitting in it,
surprising since they whinged after 5 minutes of being in a moving train!

We worked out that the last tram stopped running when Nanna was about 6 months old, but we're pretty sure Old Nan and Pa might have caught the tram to see a movie or two!

The Supernova is hands on science fun!
Kept the kids entertained for ages.

While I dont have photos you should know there is also an amazing display of artwork from primary school kids, using recyclable products!
The Museum its great, its fun, its free!
you should go. 
And since your there, in town,
take the kids on the fairy,
to Stockton!

Enjoy your school holidays :)
Oh and make sure you remember which pocket of your bag you have the return train tickets in, police do patrol and check tickets. Our nice policeman was happy with my eftpos receipt!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Self Portrait

Ok So I totally sucked the first time I tried Fat Mum Slims photo a day challenge, but since its the beginning of the new (financial) year my resolution is to last longer this time!
So todays was a self portrait, ...a tough one since I usually hit delete every time I see a photo of me.
So Hello
This is me
Wife of one (thankgod, 1's enough), mother of 4, owner of Hannah Banannas Designs, waitress (its my night job), wanna be photographer ( finally started shooting in manual mode!), awesome enchilada maker, avid reader (dont hate me, but I thought 50 shades was one of the most poorly written books i've ever read, and I also thought Bella  from Twilight was a whingey whiney twat!).
I also make pretty cool hats! :)
and have the most gorgeous children...

Nice to meet you!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Post is for me!

Two yrs ago I started and I had no idea that there was this whole facebook handmade/ kids clothing thing going on.
Today I am so glad to finally have figured out what I want to be when I grow up
(lucky since I'm 40 in August)!

This dress is where I started,
the Tea Party Princess Dress!
How sweet were Jack and Hannah back than?

PS still lucky to love my job!

Friday, April 20, 2012

School Holidays

Why does it have to rain during school holidays?
I never want to see a Hannah Montana movie again, or High School Musical!
and just for the record...
when it comes to my computer I am not a good sharer!
So today after 3 days of rain, the sun came out! Allelujah?
But no, they were still arguing over who's turn it was to pick the movie, who was playing what on which computer!
Any way, I sent them outside, to play, "you'll end up with mushroom's growing under your arms!"
3 Kids went outside to play and did a rain dance, which is rather more inventive than 3 children staring forlornly  at the back door!
The Rain dance worked and they were back!, Worked so well in fact, it even rained in Delft, Holland!
It was time for one of those conversations,
You know the ones,
"when I was your age..."
I would be out there playing in the rain! I would find the biggest puddles to jump in! I would be practising cartwheels on the trampoline!
and it was that easy, 2 of them went off to play in the rain!
Jack wouldn't
Jayden had told him the rain was God doing a wee!
Apparently in Jack's eyes, Jayden has more credibilty than me and he was NOT playing in wee, not even if it was wee'ly good fun :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A little bit scared of the dark!

When I was little I was scared of
The Big Bad Wolf!
I remember lying in bed and thinking he was hiding under there, waiting for everyone else to go to sleep, waiting for me!
Hannah's scared of the dark!
We have been leaving a light on for her, but it keeps the boys awake.
So I made her a fairy light

Hannah's tucked up in bed, now, the fairies looking after her,
...and me!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Big School!

I cant believe Jack and Hannah have been at big school for nearly six weeks!
 Thats Crazy!!

But they have settled in to school life beautifully!
Better than I have settled into "home alone Mum",
(think Bridget Jones belting out, All by Myself.. don wanna be All By Myself,)
OK, maybe not that bad, but it is sooo quiet!

Jack and Hannah's comfortable and easy adjustment to big school is because of their amazing and lovely teacher, Mrs Howard.

.. and she blogs! How Great is that?
The kids love it and cant wait to see themselves on Mrs Howards blog, I love seeing their smiling faces at school
but they really want to see how many dots they can get on their world map, 
You just have to click on the link!
Dots and comments would be so happily received :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

When they're Not Super Models



and Jack

are Extreme Biscuiters! (jaydens description!)

I hope your weekend was awesome!
Ours was just what the doctor ordered, Funtabulous Togetherness!
Skeeding next weekend, so long as someone remembers to pack the skis!