Monday, June 20, 2011

Not Much Blogging but a whole lot of sewing!

Not much washing folded though!
I closed the madeit shop so I could catch up and finish Custom Orders, Done!
Clean my Sewing Room, Done!
Come up with some new ideas, Done!
See Photos Below...

Fold the Mount Everest Of Washing, Not Done :(

Its my major bug bear in life, its so menial and boring! I can happily clean the bath and the loo, I do the dishes, I dont enjoy it but hey, somebody has to! I dont mind standing out in the sunshine pegging out a load of washing, (we dont own a dryer, and with energy bills going up, Im glad!)
So that pile of washing is now in my bedroom with the door tightly closed. The rest of the house is vacuumed and cleaned, not devoid of toys, but somewhat tidy!
And although oneday I will concede defeat and fold the washing, today I had too much fun sewing!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sometimes I read Mills and Boon books..

..but dont tell anyone!
I love reading, I dont read as often as I used to,
before twins, before Hannah Banannas, but this year I have picked up and read a few books!
I like to mix up my reading
This year I have read
~ The Girl in Times square, and the Bronze Horseman ~Paulina Simons
~Echo Park , and The lincoln Lawyer ~ Michael Connelly
~ 61 hours ~ Lee Childs.. Does anyone else love Jack reacher???
~ Plain Truth, and Salem Watching ~ Jodi Picoult
and I just finished reading Sarah's Key, which was one of the reasons I put my madeit shop in vacation mode. I was offered this book a few weeks ago, read the back of the book and declined as I knew it was a book that was going to take all of my attention. It Did! and I cried! Last time I cried this much reading a book was The Time Travellers Wife,
..but some books can make you laugh,
Bridget Jones, I try sooo hard not to laugh and wake up Tim, but me and the bed shake in giggles! I keep a copy of Bridget in my bedside drawers and read on days when Laughter is needed :))
Ben Elton makes me laugh too, I read Stark while away camping at Crescent Head, many years ago, fellow campers didnt find the story as funny as I did!
Pride and Prejudice is my all time fave book!
I have read all of the twilight series and I cant figure out why Edward would want to spend eternity with a chronic whinger like Bella! and why the hell Jacob would fight Edward for her???

Once Upon a time I was a big Sweet Valley High Fan!

What are you reading Now?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pyjama Days are Fun

But I really want the sun to shine again!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

and the cows go Boo!

We spent yesterday having a BBq Lunch with my Sister, Vicki and her Dutch husband Stef and His Dad, Cor. Somehow the conversation turned to animal noises and we giggled and laughed for ages as Stef was telling us the cows in Holland go Boo! No they are not trying to scare anyone, but they dont go Moo!!
Roosters go Kukeleku, not cock a doodle do and a bit of an "argument" was had as to which sound was the most ridiculous. Stef and his dad both quite incredulous as to how we could honestly believe a rooster stood there yelling Cocka doodle doo at the sun!
Crocodiles Klap, not snap!
Love those funny, random conversations :))
Hope its Sunny where you are!

Rain Rain go away!

It was a Shitty long weekend in Paradise!
Sooo much rain and wind, we got up Sunday morning and packed up and came home. The kids and I travelled home in our PJ's and stayed in them for the rest of the day. Love Pyjama Days!
Still in our PJ's we made a cake for Daddy's birthday!
It was a rainbow cake, but, we left out Indigo, it was lots of fun to make, and eat (for the kids)!
This weekend I also read the book Sarahs Key, OMG a cant put down read, emotionally challenging, but worth it!
Hope your long weekend was better than ours xx

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Glad Game

I have had so many crochet hat and headband orders in the last 2 weeks, and the thing I love about crochet orders, is the easy justification of movie watching while working!
 In the past two weeks I have made seven crochet headbands and five hats,
I have watched,
~ Mr Hollands Opus
~ Tim Wintons Cloud Street
~ Twister
~ Girls  Just Wanna Have Fun
and ~ Pollyanna
who played the glad game!

 Its so easy to get bogged down in the ho hum of life, and when things are tough its easy to forget whats good in your life!
Pollyanna hoped the missionairies would bring her a doll, they brought her crutches.
She was glad she didnt need them!
So this week I am Glad
* I watched Pollyanna
* that Spotlight is in walking distance, and I dont have to tell you about the silly broken down car!
*That I have lots of lovely customers supporting my TV addiction.
*I am Glad my Grandma taught me to crochet when I was a little girl,
I could go on, but..
What are you Glad for?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The King and Queen

of Make Believe
Jack and Hannah.....
I love listening to them play, the stories they concoct, the scenarios they play out. They make me smile and often giggle! I listen to them as they plan out their games and argue over who will play which role.
Sometimes its just random, straight off the cuff, and I sit quietly at my sewing machine and just listen.
Today they were washing Dad's boat, just pretend, Hannah was making swishing washing noises for a long time when Jack finally said "ïts my turn Hannah, to use the hose".
Queen Hannah
 She didnt want to share the hose,
sooo King Jack, he went scuba diving,
 And made himself a new friend and a pet!
His new friend shark was invited camping, but its along way to camping, so he couldnt swim, he would have to go in the trailer! Jack admonished his friend shark that he was not to  eat all our food, Jack would catch him a fish later,  He was not to eat our dog Oscar, that would make us sad! .. and pleease dont eat my sister Hannah!

The crowns Jack and Hannah are wearing are sooo easy to make and are a fun addition to any dress up box! Tomorrow I will write up a what you need and how to do it list!
Sewing machine required and able to sew in an almost straight line!