Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whats In a Name

High Heels and Muddy Feet
We were at the shops today and there was a lady, pregnant, chatting to the shop girls about picking names for what would be her 2nd girl. She liked such and such, but hubby didnt! Hubby liked this or that, but she didn't! Hubby mentioned Zoe to which one of the girls behind the counter said "god No! I went to school with a Zoe..." I mean that says it all!"
Its a hard job picking a childs name, so many of us at some point in our lives wis our parents had picked differently, and most of us do choose to keep them for life, our names and our parents.
When I was a teenager I decided if I ever had a boy I was going to call him Zac, and I did. 2 Days after e was born  I was holding and cuddling him and thought Oh No you dont look like a Zac! Luckily he does now!
10 years later I was pregnant again, didnt know what I was having and Tim and I stuggled for names, we had the books and talked about it all the time, Tim wanted Taj for a boy, I knew 7 Taj's under 7mths of age at playgroup! Tim then wanted Jayden, which I didnt mind, but I didn't want his name to end up shortened to Jay, I knew a kid once called Jay... and OMG what a pain in the ...!!! So Jayden has been shortened to Jaydo (dont count the syllables) but thats OK we're Aussies, Oi Oi Oi!!
A couple of years after Jaydo, Tim and I had talked about aving another one, trying for a girl! At the 12 week scan we were told we were aving identical boys ( Jack I love you, but not sure te world is ready for 2 of you)!
At the 20 week scan it was confirmed 1 boy and 1 girl!
I love Jack as a boys name, its strong and bold, just like Jack!
I wanted  a pretty, girly name for my little girl, Hannah, and she is! There's no doubting the x chromosomes there, she's a girly girl! Love that she still likes to get dirty with the boys though.
How did you come up with your kids names?
BTW Hannah and Jack's middle names are Mary and Joseph, that was a funny lightbulb moment at the Birth Deaths and Marriages Office!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A bit of Mondayitis!

..and a whole lot of sinusitis! Yuck!!!
Just got back from taking 2 four yr olds to the dentist, 2 loads of washing that still need to go on the clothes line, tea to cook since I have to work tonight and yet I am sitting on my bum, procrastinating, wishing it were still the weekend. Sigh....
We had a long weekend away at the Bay. Cruisy and fun, the kids love it!
We had McDonalds Sundaes at the Duck pond and fed the ducks and a chicken too!
100s of ducks and 1 chook?
We op shopped and dump shopped and found lots of treasures.
Lots of vintage buttons, so excited!!!!
and a really cool scooter for $5.00
We went for walks and played at the park and had a great weekend!
Hannah and I, we went for a walk and picked some wildflowers
Love our weekends away at the Bay!
Better go and do something now 4 more sleeps...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

How sweet it is to be loved by you!
Joining in the Wordless Wednesday Fun with

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Weekend Over!

If some of the words in my post dont look quite right or dont make sense try adding a H in there somewhere.
Jack stood on my keyboard a few weeks ago and the H is a bit wonky and temperamental!

Sooo this weekend was really nice! Saturday, I had good intentions of cleaning up, but decided tere were better ways to spend a weekend. I croceted a hat for Jack whhile watching Once Were Warriors, its a slouch hat  and very cool I think! Jayden loved it, but it was a tad too small for im!
Saturday Night, Tim and the bigger boys went to Nitro Circus! Jack wasn't very impressed about being left out, see photo above! Cool hat though! Jack and Hannah and I, we went out for dinner, all you can eat, lots of OK Chinese food, they love it!
Sunday was Loop the Lake for Tim, 88.4 kms in 3hrs 42secs on a pushbike, he beat us to the finis line, (we were meant to be there to clap and cheer, but we were still deciding what to wear?)
We took him a beer thoug, figured he'd earnt one! So Tim recovered and the kids played at the park
Ten we went to the Poppyseed Markets at the Glades at Warners Bay! Hannah bought some airbands from Sophie and Jack, spotty ones to match her spotty dresses!
I went shopping and got more of this fabric
which we then went and showed off at Nobby's Beach! Bloody beautiful there!
Kite surfing must be thing to do on a sunday in Newcastle, there were heaps of them!
We wandered over to horseshoe beach to take some more photos with Newcastle landscape behind us!
(this is the new spotty dress, with pink yoyo!)
We may have been in the right place at the wrong time though?
I hope you all had a great weekend and as its now Tuesday, I hope you all are over Mondayitis!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

When I grow up I'm Going to be a doctor, just like Hannah!

... and Daddy's going to be a builder, he's good at tools!
Jack had a sore foot last week and was limping a bit, so on Monday we took him to the doctors.
Hannah was a little bit concerned that he might need a needle, Jack was worried the doctor would give him a pin? Any way no needles or pins, its a wonder they dont get many in their feet in my sewing room...
They were pretty excited about the xray, and it was then that Hannah decided she would be a doctor when she grew up! She then wondered what I wanted to be when I grew up?
Well thats a big question!
Am I grown up yet? at 38? Do I know what I want to be?
I thought about this, alot, and I think I can finally say this is who I want to be, this is what I want to do!
A couple of shifts a week waitressing at the local club, a bit of extra money and helps maintain the social skills, after 7 yrs at home with kids. And Hannah Banannas, I love doing this! I love coming up with new ideas, I love making them and I love photographing them,
maybe Im nearly grown up?
So I wont be a doctor like Hannah suggested I be, and Daddy probably wont be a builder, well not the kind that builds houses
But Hannah, she's not grown up yet, so she can imagine being a doctor today, a hairdresser tomorrow, a mountain climber the day after that...
and Hannah and Jack, they dont lack imagination, its a different adventure every day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Look What I Made Today!

I love Maxi Dresses!
I love them as much as I love hats!
Maxi dresses made a bit of a comeback a few years ago and I was stoked! I was slim, my hair was blonde with the roots regularly maintained, I was going to look great in all these pretty dresses!
The bubble was about to burst, pregnant, a funny niggly feeling in my side, an ultrasound confirms 5 weeks pregnant with twins. By 12 weeks my maxi's are too small, and Im starting to feel far too comfortable in tracky daks and a tshirt!
Skip forward a bit, next summer, maxi's are still In!!! Breastfeeding 2 babies, boobs need a maxi all their own and cant see myself, out having decaf with friends, maxi hitched up under the neck feeding 2 babies?
Still love them though! I just make them for little girls now!

I bought this fabric to make myself a maxi dress, just before I found out I was pregnant with Hannah and Jack, but it looks great made up as this dress!
I certainly didnt imagine when I bought it, that I would be making my daughter a dress out of it!

Good Night to you All xxx

Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Weekend in Photos

Its a pretty rare weekend that we spend at home, but this week I had to work both the Friday and Saturday night, so home we decided to stay! Saturday morning was bleak and grey, but thhe kids were happy playing hide and seek, lego, watching tv... So I decided I would watch the Time Travellers Wife, again! I also decided I needed something to distract me as I do tend to become a little emotional about 30 minutes into the movie, I know whats coming! Mum sobbing on a Saturday morning is not great for the kids!
So I made this hat while I watched!
NB crocheting while watching sad movies does NOT lessen the angst!

Love the hat though and have just listed it at madeit
I also love Hannah's Purple Gingham Pantsuit
Finished off Saturday afternoon watching Matching Jack, an Aussie movie that foxtel was trying to sell as a comedy, well I dont think so, pretty bloody sad, the kids brought out a roll of toilet paper for me!
Sunday was better!
Sunday we were at the beach! We love the beach! No swimming though, big surf and theres video on youtube of blokes catching great whites off Stockton Beach!
We had lunch, cheese and bacon rolls, and got a family photo
I might try again next time, I even offered Jayden, our 7yr old money obsessed child, 20c to smile for the photo, it wasn't enough! And Jack, well this photo is pure Jack!
And we took this photo of Hannah
Pretty Dress
and hat
at least today your undies dont have Thomas or Ninja turtles on them!
5 more sleeps to go, cant wait for the weekend!

Disco Dancing on Stockton Beach

We went for a Sunday Drive down to the Sygna on Stockton Beach yesterday. Its a great place for photos and the kids like trying to spot the sharks that live in the wreck. ( my kids are a little shark obsessed at the moment, Jaws being their favourite movie)!
Hannah and I had a little mini fashion shoot!
I made this dress about a month ago, but hadnt managed to get photos to do the dress justice, until now!
Its a great funky paisley print, and its a stretch jersey and moves like a dance costume, Hannah loves it and wants to wear it to ballet class, Not sure Miss Lesley would approve though????
Great for disco dancing, fairy dancing, ballet dancing at home....
$25.00 + postage
I scrapped this page the other day, I thought it was kind of appropriate.
Might be time for a blog makeover...
Handmade kit by Emeto Designs

Have a Great Day :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I've got the scrapping bug again! Its probably not a good thing though, between sewing, crochet, kids, work I dont really have time. But sleep is over rated....
Hannah's pretty pink Apron Dress is perfect in this page!

I used Jofia Devoes
Summer Pleasure and
The Smell of Summer

Ok Back to the sewing now :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Love Hats!

When my eldest was a baby, he's 17 now, he would not keep a hat on his head! I had a girlfriend who's boy was 6 weeks younger, and he had the greatest hats, and he kept them on!
I was so jealous, I love babies and kids in hats!
Jayden wouldn't wear a hat, and neither would Jack! Hannah wasn't overly fussed, either, until she realised that people loved her hats and stopped to tell her so,
finally, a child of mine loves hats as much as I do!
I am really liking all these bright crocheted hats, winter doesn't need to be dull!
This purple one, I love! She's kind of a trendy Miss Marple!
Dont you think?
Hats are $20.00ea with delivery and sometime soon I will get around to putting them on madeit.
Jack has also finally come around and is sporting the coolest hat at preschool!
The coolest dude there!
For this week only, I am covering postage costs on Jelly Skirts!
For 18 bucks these will be delivered to your door
Happy Hump Day :)

I scrapped!!!

Digi Scrapped!
Its been ages, so busy making clothes! So here it is, my scrapbook page, no 1 for 2011!
I used Road to Wonderland by Natasha NaSt
and the Rainbow is from Jofia Devoe,
Hat and dress worn by Hannah, made by me!