Monday, February 28, 2011

The Notebook

Last night I watched the Time Travellers Wife and cried the whole way through it for the second time!
Two weeks ago I watched the Notebook, and not only did I cry, I sobbed! How sad to have laughed and lived and loved! Then forgotten?
Today, I went to visit my Nan, Old Nan, as my kids call her! She's just been placed in a dementia specific ward, she seems to like it there! I think she liked seeing Jack and Hannah, most of the residents did. Iwish they knew her the way I did, the way my Mum did, the way my Pa did....
They loved each other, i loved them, they made me laugh, they loved me....
and Bert Newton if you happen to read this blog,
Old Nan always wanted to be on New Faces, she couldn't sing and she couldn't dance, but she would always try and make you laugh!
I love You, Nanna xxx

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goodnight Hannah, Goodnight Jack, Goodnight JimBob...

What a load of unadulterated crap!
I can still hear my father saying that!
About the Waltons, the Brady Bunch and Little House on the Prairie!
All my faves!!
I think if the Walton girls were living in that big house now, then these are the sort of PJ's they'd be wearing, sweet and vintagey and available here

I made this top last week, I have put bits on it and taken bits off it! I love the fabrics and Hannah loves the top. I am wondering if the only thing wrong for me, is the picture in my head of Hannah rolling down a hill Laura Ingall's style, minus the peeing in her pants!

And to top of a very sweet, vintage, girly week is this dress!
Pretty all year round!

as a side note;
the above mentioned critic's favourite Tv/Movies
~Day of the Triffods
~Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes ~ 1 and 2
~anything Monty Python
(at least Killer tomatoes had George Clooney, and Monty Python is quite funny....)!
...and Dad! I just left a message on your answering machine to let you know, I sent you an email about the blog post I just wrote, about how you didn't like the waltons, the brady bunch, ...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Got Style?

Hannah's Got it!
Best dressed driver at Middlerock!
Hannah finally learnt to drive the barbie jeep, and she's pretty impressed with herself too. I wonder how it would go over if the kids were to drive this to school? It would save listening to Jack whinge about his sore legs, its too far! It would save having to carry Hannah's scooter, which she is seriously bad at riding... hope she figures that out next!
Probably not a good idea!
Great at the caravan park and it only annoys the retirees a little bit!

Hannah is wearing this Mellow Yellow Halter
which I have just relisted at madeit
Have a fun day!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Someone once said, "dont work with kids or animals"! WEll I dont deal with animals but I spend a hell of a lot of time with kids, (could have something to do with the fact that I have few of my own!).
We were at the beach for tea on Saturday night, it was beautiful, but the kids were getting tired and uncooperative for photoshoots, they didnt care that the light was just right!
Hannah chucked a tantrum and didn't want to model the jelly skirt, you cant swim in a jelly skirt! Jack he wanted to model the beach boy boardies but thought we should all build a bridge, inside out, outside in, what does it really matter?
just suck it up princess, put your happy hat on and have fun!

PS Build a bridge is a favourite saying in our house, I think we could have built the harbour bridge in about 1/4 of the time it took all those other blokes! We're good at building bridges now!
We have had an awesome weekend, again! The weather was gorgeous, the kids are learning to surf and boogie board and we have great friends and family that hang out with us every weekend!
I hope your weekend was as good as ours :) 

Friday, February 18, 2011

New Baby Doll Dress

The Baby Doll Dress has been one of the most popular of my outfits, up there with the Tea Party Princess Dress! So I was a bit sad when I ran out of fabric. I was pretty happy then to find this fabric, it looks great made up as the baby doll! Its the sweetest dress, and has great twirl potential too!

I have just listed this at
$35.00 + postage

Have a great weekend everyone :)

Rain Drops Kept Falling on my Head!

Love the umbrella as a prop in this photo shoot!
unfortunately when I was walking to school to pick Jayden up, there was too much lightning to use an umbrella! I figured I was better off wet, than fried!
Sometimes I regret the decision to sell the car so I can lose weight, and sometimes I think the kids regret it too! But today, it was mad! Walking to school, it was pouring, hailing, the thunder was like someone striking a whip right next to you! We were crossing roads and the gutters were full, poor Jack's thongs came off and floated away! He was devastated, I was soaked! Thank God it was Summer! Jayden loved it! Not sure what shoes he will be wearing to school tomorrow, since he jumped in every massive puddle on the way home!
I made this new skirt today, its purply and a little bit sparkly! Its got butterflies and birds, its pretty and a little shabby chic!
I will be listing this on madeit tomorrow
$22.00 for skirt and headband + postage!

Rain rain go away, come again another day!
(But not on the weekend)!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seriously Not a Check Person,

 Honestly I never thought I was!
My mum showed me these checks when I was just starting out, (they've got little horsies in them), I screwed my nose up and told my Mum, that honestly, Im just not a check person!
But Mum bought a couple of metres and made up this outfit, and honestly, I have to say, I loved it!
and so did a lot of others, we sold out!
But today I found this fabric again and have relisted this dress and hat on madeit

So while we're still talking about checks, which I dont like, LOL!
I also found a small amount of this pink check to make this dress/pinafore, which I thought had also sold out! Looks great on its own for summer or with skivvy and boots for cooler days!
You can find this dress at madeit also

Today was a good day, hope your day was good too!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Funky Fairy and Punky Pirate learn to Skateboard!!!

I think I mentioned a while ago, my love of hand dyeing, tie dyeing!
Have I ever mentioned that Hannah is a girly girl who loves fairies and princesses?
Well how funky is this fairy in her tie dyed singlet with fairy wings?
Pretty funky according to all the people who stopped us at the shopping centre on Saturday!
Hannah is loving this top and the attention that comes with it, and she loves the wings, a little bonus for a fairy learning to ride a skateboard!
If your little fairy wants to be funky, you should shop at Bohemian Babes!

The Punky Pirate doesn't need wings to ride a skateboard, he's tough and he's got spunk (plenty of it)!
He's also got a really cool Tshirt!
You can also get one of these from Bohemian Babes
Check out her store, its cool, its fun!!!!

Jacks had a good summer!
He's learnt to water ski, surf and now ride a skateboard. I guess with those blonde curls he was always going to be a little gromet!

If you like the skirt Hannah is wearing, its available in my madeit store

Cheers :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Movies to Make you Cry!

I dont watch a lot of TV, and I am way behind on movies! Im not sure if this is due to the fact that my family is not good at sharing the Tv, or if it has more to do with the fact that when you have small children, the chances of watching a movie start to finish, uninterupted, are slim!
When I do watch movies, I love chick flicks, and I love a good cry! Tonight, I finally watched The Notebook, so glad everyone else was already asleep. I ended up a little bit emotional!
So here's a list of movies that always make me cry!
*Steel Magnolias
*Who will Love My Children
*When a Man Loves a Woman
*Time Travellers Wife (read the book first and cried my eyes out for the last 100 pages or so!)

My all time favourite movie though, no crying, lots of giggling is Notting Hill, woops a daisy....

Friday, February 11, 2011

70's Style

I know when Hannah loves an outfit I make for her! I know she loved this one!
You should have seen the hip swagger and strut, she was so loving herself in this!
Tim wasn't so keen on this one, he's a little conservative, but Hannah wore this to school the other day and the Mum's were all commenting and loving. and of course Hannah and I love it too!

I am thinking of trying my hand at making a little crocheted short sleeve cardi, I think it would look great with the pantsuit as an autumn outfit!
Pantsuit has been listed at madeit, you can buy it here!

How sweet do these children look?
I bet they never fight, and they wouldn't be cheeky! They definately wouldn't jump on the computer and break the keyboard!!!!

Its nice to dream!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What NOT to wear to the NuDe Olympics!

You would think the answer was easy! Right?
Wellllll... you wouldn't wear beach boy boardies or a hand dyed pink lace hippy chick top over your togs! I think if you were in the nude olympics, you might wear the top, but not the togs!

You wouldn't wear the hawaii five O pants 
but you just might need a hat!
wouldn't want your nose to get burnt!

We were at Samurai Beach on the weekend, and the nude olympics were on. They had a lot of fun doing their thing and we had a lot of fun doing ours! I do wonder what events, beside the 3 legged race, they have?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Angel wings, tutus and tap shoes!

How beautiful are the angel wings in the shop window???
Hannah would love a pair, and my mind is ticking, thinking about what sort of dress I could make to go with them! Love love love them! I will have to either find out how much they are, or work out how to make some like them.
So this is the newest short suit, its sweet and pretty, made from a light cotton with a lace neckline trim.
Available in the madeit shop they are $25.00ea + postage,
the pantsuits can also be made for babies with press studs for easy nappy changes!

Today, Jayden started tap classes, he's so excited and enthusiastic about it! We bought the shoes and made his shorts and off he went to his 1st class, and loved it! It kind of came out of the blue when he said he wanted to do tap, and he didn't want to tell the boys at school that he was starting. He did tell the girls though, so that sort of took care of telling the boys! I hope he keeps on loving it, cant wait for the end of year concert!
... and Miss Hannah Bananna, she started ballet! She was the best in the class she told me! and we have to go shopping for a pink leotard and a TUTU!!! All I can say is that my children had better hope they take after their father when it comes to dancing, because seriously, Im not that good at it! Tim is though, he even taught me how to do the wedding waltz! Amazing!
Jack, he wants to do westling, (the missing "r" is not a typo), if anyone knows where a 4 yr old can do westling in Newcastle, I would love it if you'd let me know,.... I think?

Monday, February 7, 2011

OK! Now Stand Up!!!!

 Kids are amazing! They really are!
We are beach people, have you guessed? In the summer, and even nice days in winter thats where you'll find us. So its important to us that the kids know how to swim confidently and that they enjoy the beach as much as we do, (we have deleted Jaws from the IQ! Rotten movie, I was going to be a marine biologist until I watched that)!
But anyhow, last summer I decided I would again try to surf, it had probably been about 15 yrs in between goes, Tim pushed me onto the wave and said Ok! Now stand up! Well I bloody tried to stand up, a lot of times, and in the end I decided there was a lot of things I could do and I wasn't that perturbed about putting surfing on the list of things I cant do!
What amazed me though, that first time on a surfboard for Jack and Hannah, Tim pushed them onto the wave and said OK! Now stand up! and they did! Just like that!
If only everything in life was so easy!
Jack is wearing the beach boy boardies in pink and still looks pretty cool on that surfboard!
Beach boy boardies are available in pink, green or blue

I have a few new ideas which I would like to get made now that the weather has finally cooled down, I will hopefully share them with you next week sometime!
I'm enjoying the southerly change, have a great week :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Extreme Weather

What a crazy start to the year! South East Queensland is still cleaning up after massive flooding and North Queensland is bracing for a category 5 cyclone! I have to say I am so glad I dont live in Cairns any more! I keep thinking about how scary it must be for the kids, the noise from the winds is oing to be horrendous! Cyclone Yasi is expected to be the biggest cyclone in Australian history! All my thoughts and best wishes go out to all of you who are in Yasi's path :)
It is amazing though the strength of the Australian character and sense of humour
Stay Safe Queenslanders!
Now what about this heat in NSW? Its crazy!!!! 42.9degrees yesterday, slightly cooler today, but not much!
We went to the beach last night, it was soooo nice and I think most of Newcastle was there, it was the only way to get cool! The air conditioner ran all night, but then I lay there awake waiting for the knock on the door from the pollice telling us to turn it off. Our neighbour always rings them if we leave it on past 10pm, she must have been out last night and the kids got to have a bit cooler sleep!
Bring on Sunday and the cool change!

I am sharing these photos of Hannah because they're cute and fun!
I love this outfit, too!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letters fron Santa!

I probably should have done this post about a month or more ago, while everyone was still in a Santa mood!But i was going back through last years photos and came across these. The kids got letters from Santa, it was a bit of round trip, sent from the North Pole via Jelly Bean Books
they were so excited when they got here! Even Jayden, who is getting to the age that I dont want him to reach! He had so many questions, this year about Santa, but he still really wants to believe! So even though Christmas, or kisskiss as its known in our house, is well and truly over for a while, Its worth visiting Jelly Bean Books because kids love hearing stories about themselves! 
Thanks Christine, the kids loved them!