Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Party Booked

Thanks Ally!
Ally has booked the first Hannah Banannas Clothing party!
I am so excited and its going to be so much fun, the girls can try on the clothes and we can have a bit of a fashion show, photoshoot and all!
I took some of the clothes to Eli's 1st birthday party and got such an amazing response,

I think the Purple Apron tops with matching Pants are going to be popular.

Just for something different I thought I would show you the photo scrapbook page I made for Eli's birthday.
(I used Jofia Devoe's Big Adventure and Summer Pleasures kit)

Also, I want to say thanks to Melissa Cause (Melissama Mawonderful Melarverlous on FB) She really is mawonderful and melarvelous and she has been great giving suggestions and support as I start this new venture, Thanks Liss :)

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