Saturday, October 8, 2011

"That" talk!

I have mentioned a few times on facebook the games, conversations i overhear/eavesdrop on as I sew, between Jack and Hannah,
they talk alot, setting the scene for their games, and yesterday I was almost choking, with laughter and something else as I listened,
They were planning to play Mum's and babies, but they were both babies,
Hannah, 'Right Jack!, pretend we were just born out of Mum's butt, were gonna need a bath!"
Jack giggled and made some baby noises,
Hannah, "i'm serious Jack, we came out of Mum's butt, we're covered in Pooh, and we need a bath? or something?"
Oh Dear, where do they get this?

A few months ago Hannah asked me how "you got a baby?"
While i was thinking through how much to say, or how little , to a 4 yr old,
I started with, "you need to be a grown up ladý",
Hannah was happy with that and so was I.....

My family still talk/laugh about my first sex education class at school,
Mum asked me did I have any questions, I pretty much understood it all,
except for one thing..
why did the teachers call it intercourse, when I knew for a fact that it was called rooting!
Sex Education via public/school toilet doors.

I might wait a little bit longer before having "that" talk, I did point out however that they were in my tummy and didnt come out of "my butt",
I will let you all know if next time they play Mum's and Babies, they're covered in belly button fluff!

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