Friday, April 20, 2012

School Holidays

Why does it have to rain during school holidays?
I never want to see a Hannah Montana movie again, or High School Musical!
and just for the record...
when it comes to my computer I am not a good sharer!
So today after 3 days of rain, the sun came out! Allelujah?
But no, they were still arguing over who's turn it was to pick the movie, who was playing what on which computer!
Any way, I sent them outside, to play, "you'll end up with mushroom's growing under your arms!"
3 Kids went outside to play and did a rain dance, which is rather more inventive than 3 children staring forlornly  at the back door!
The Rain dance worked and they were back!, Worked so well in fact, it even rained in Delft, Holland!
It was time for one of those conversations,
You know the ones,
"when I was your age..."
I would be out there playing in the rain! I would find the biggest puddles to jump in! I would be practising cartwheels on the trampoline!
and it was that easy, 2 of them went off to play in the rain!
Jack wouldn't
Jayden had told him the rain was God doing a wee!
Apparently in Jack's eyes, Jayden has more credibilty than me and he was NOT playing in wee, not even if it was wee'ly good fun :)

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