Monday, July 2, 2012

Self Portrait

Ok So I totally sucked the first time I tried Fat Mum Slims photo a day challenge, but since its the beginning of the new (financial) year my resolution is to last longer this time!
So todays was a self portrait, ...a tough one since I usually hit delete every time I see a photo of me.
So Hello
This is me
Wife of one (thankgod, 1's enough), mother of 4, owner of Hannah Banannas Designs, waitress (its my night job), wanna be photographer ( finally started shooting in manual mode!), awesome enchilada maker, avid reader (dont hate me, but I thought 50 shades was one of the most poorly written books i've ever read, and I also thought Bella  from Twilight was a whingey whiney twat!).
I also make pretty cool hats! :)
and have the most gorgeous children...

Nice to meet you!

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