Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wine and Etsy, the perfect mix!

I work a couple of nights a week, at a Leagues Club here in Newcastle, waitressing.
Its not hard work, but it gets me out of the house and away from the sewing machine,
It allows me to social network for real and not just via Facebook.
But when I get home from work, everyones usually asleep. I cant sew, it upsets the neighbour, I cant watch Tv, it upsets the neighbour..
So i get on the computer, Facebook, yep usually miss all the sales,
But got lucky with one of Em and Femmes sales
But the point of this post, is after seeing whats going on in the handmade world of facebook, I usually end up back at Etsy, the supplies section!
A wine or two.. can be dangerous when shopping there!
I did get this...
Vintage 1970's John Kaldor, 4.8 metres! Stoked!!!
Loving it as a maxi dress, someone wants it  as a pantsuit and I am also seeing it as something else..
but you'll have to watch this space!
I have listed the maxi at madeit and etsy
I have had a wow of a time lately on Etsy so will probably have a bit to show you over the next coming weeks!
(We Have a new parcel postman in our area, after 3 days straight of drop offs at our house, he introduced himself and learnt Oscars name!)
Okey Dokey, Im off to bed!
No more wine and No more Etsy for tonight!

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