Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Big School!

I cant believe Jack and Hannah have been at big school for nearly six weeks!
 Thats Crazy!!

But they have settled in to school life beautifully!
Better than I have settled into "home alone Mum",
(think Bridget Jones belting out, All by Myself.. don wanna be All By Myself,)
OK, maybe not that bad, but it is sooo quiet!

Jack and Hannah's comfortable and easy adjustment to big school is because of their amazing and lovely teacher, Mrs Howard.

.. and she blogs! How Great is that?
The kids love it and cant wait to see themselves on Mrs Howards blog, I love seeing their smiling faces at school
but they really want to see how many dots they can get on their world map, 
You just have to click on the link!
Dots and comments would be so happily received :)

1 comment:

  1. They look gorgeous! I love the blog, Mrs Howard must be an awesome teacher :)
    I love being at home by myself now that Miss J is at school this year too, except the day goes far too quickly and I never seem to get anything done! ~ Christine xx