Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jaydo's Theory of Evolution!

Jack loves sharks, pirates and dinosaurs!
Especially he loves T-rex's!
Today he wanted to know if they were real?
Jayden stepped in to answer
"Jack, Trex's WERE real, but there not anymore, because they're all dead! We call that being extinct! So I guess they're still real, but because they're dead and extinct they dont exist anymore. And Jack! Did you know? That when the dinosaurs were around there were no people, just monkeys and apes, and they somehow turned into people! And thats when the aborigines started living in Australia,
Monkeys and Apes had brown fur and thats why the aborigines have brown skin".
 Jack,did you know, thats where we live, in Australia!
.. eventually there were white people too, I think that happened when they invented TV and we didn't go outside very much anymore!"
Gotta love a childs perspective of the world
For Trex and Dinosaur fans we have Dinosaur Train shorts and backpacks coming soon! Toot Toot!

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