Friday, September 2, 2011

Talking Tablets

My father used to call my brother, Talking Tablets!
He also used to refer to people who talked alot of shit, as having verbal diarrhoea, which has provided many years of laughing since I told my best friend at seven, after a fight, that I didnt care if she was my friend or not because my Dad said she had Purple Diarrhoea!
But the point of this blogpost is this, I have my own Talking Tablets, we'll call her Talking Tablets2!
See I even have a photo of her talking!
While I am sewing I love listening to Jack and Hannah play, I love that they have each other and they both have such amazing imaginations! But today Jack wanted to play Wee so Hannah sat on the lounge with her pretend mobile phone and had a chat with her pretend friend for over half an hour!
They talked about clothes, Thankgod they didn't talk about boys, they had an argument, but Hannah didnt tell her she had purple diarrhoea!
So if she can talk to a pretend someone on a pretend phone, imagine the bills she could rack up on a real mobile talking to a real person.. or pretend?

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To All Fellow Mothers of Girls, Have Fun!

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  1. I know just what you mean... I think Hannah and Julia would make a fine pair! ~ Christine xx