Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who Said you never forget how to ride a Bike???

Ok, well maybe it's true, I didnt forget how!
But my Bum sure forgot, and my leg muscles too!
and if I can offer a little advice, if you haven't ridden a bike in 7 years, then 6.5kms around Dubbo Zoo isn't the best time to take up bike reading again.
One more piece of, what I think is really good advice, whether riding a bike, walking, driving... make sure the person with the map knows how to read it! ( when you feel like you're dying on a bike you dont want to be lost, TRUST ME!!!) P.s Vicki I still Love you!

Ok so technically, this photo is day two, and we travelled by car, but still the giraffes were a favourite on both days!

The Elephants were a little boring, apparently, until the kids found out that while Dad was washing the Rhinoceruses, Pop was wiping the Elephants' bums!
Hannah thought it was Gross, the boys thought it was very Cool!

 Dad is also an accomplished Painter, a busy one too! As he painted all the Zebra's stripes!
It sure was a long way in the bike and very tiring according to Hannah
(who was in a caboose)!
Kind of knowing how the Tiger feels!
We were feeling a little tired too!
Jayden was definitely over it

Honestly though! We had a great day, make that 2, at Dubbo Zoo!
and if you mention McDonalds for Lunch, its an absolute reviver!

..and Happy Birthday Jaydo, I cant believe your 8!
I love you to infinty and beyond....

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  1. What a lovely day! We'll be there in a couple of weeks, but not riding bikes! ~ Christine xx