Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Page for Jack's Pirate Adventure

This will be one of the last pages in the book, for some reason I am making them out of order.
I know that in this page Jaws is being shot with a canonball, but it is merely for the purpose of adding pirate drama, and as said in the book we all know Jaws never dies!
My Dad was a seaman (he is supposed to be retired) and the kids all love hearing about his adventures, just as myself and my brother and sister did. He was a marine engineer though, not a pirate! He has always sent home letters telling us of the whales that follow the ship for days, the massive big sharks he's seen, the dolphins. Just last week he sent some photos of seals on the rudder of a ship he was towing into Newcastle Harbour.
I think maybe its for this reason that one of Jacks favourite movies is Jaws and its for that reason Jaws is a main feature in Jacks Story Book!
This is one of Jack and Hannah's Favourite photos, they think it is so funny that Jaws is eating Grandad!

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