Monday, July 26, 2010

Frangipanis for Summer

I dont know why I keep thinking this fabric is frangipanis it is definately not, more likely hibiscus? Anyway I am looking forward to summer and I think this fabric will look great on the beach! Hannah looks like a little hawaiian princess, she just needs a frangipani to put behind her ear!
Jayden and Jack are looking pretty cool in these gnarly boardies with an elastic waist for comfort and a pocket on the side, so your little gromet has somewhere he can keep his surfboard wax or change for a chiko roll! You will definately NOT lose your child on the beach this summer!


  1. Loving the fabric, loving the shorts, loving the dress....oh and loving the shots of your beautiful kids!!!Bec

  2. how gorgeous is that fabric! perfect for summer beachy days :)

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