Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Jayden really wants an Xbox!
He entered a competition at school where you draw your own house and the prize for the best drawing in each age group is $500. Well he had it won, it didnt matter that it was Australia wide, he was convinced he would win and he would buy himself an Xbox!
But sometimes life is cruel and a little unfair, as his mate Rory was about to point out to Jayden, because the $500 prize money is not actually cold , hard cash, but a $500 gift voucher to the ABC shop.
The ABC Shop does NOT sell Xboxes! Devastated, life is so unfair!
Incredibly Jayden decided he would earn the money, by drawing portraits for $3.00 ea.  Nan and Pop liked theirs so much they paid $5.00ea, (we suggested he should charge Nan and Grandad $5.00 and hope they pay $7.00 each).
So Jayden is on his way to earning enough money to buy himself an Xbox. Today, he and his mate, Bailey sat out the front of our house with a sketch book and pencils, (a microphone?) and they made $3.00 each. One guy stopped his car and gave them $2.00 for great effort and having a go!
Every entrepreneur has to start somewhere!

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  1. Just dropping by from skout bloggers group! Hope your doing well and selling well too :)