Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4 Tomorrow

the first 6 months seemed endless, Hannah cried non stop and Jack puked constantly!
If we were up, dressed and out the house before midday it was because my Mum had gotten there early. I still remember the first day that Mum didn't come, sitting on the lounge in the morning with Jayden and 2 little babies thinking crap, how do I do this? But I did! I survived and so did you! Eventually Hannah went on solids and stopped crying, Jack got mobile and we were always standing in vomit.
Honestly though, even though sometimes it was hard, mostly its been fun, you are both so much fun and bring so much joy. I love to hear you laughing together, playing make believe....
To Jack, my superhero and to Hannah, my girly girl
I love you! Happy Birthday!

and to Sarah Jessica Parker, look out girlfriend Hannah likes your sandals!!!!!

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