Sunday, October 31, 2010


I was amazed at how many people were doing Halloween this year!
Jayden had his heart set on it, and I was dreading it, expecting no one in our area to be prepared, or in the mood. I had 9 kids, (word got around that i was taking Jayden, Jack and Hannah and I became the designated adult)! It was fun though, people put black and orange balloons out the front if they had candy for the kids, (apparently its called candy on Halloween, not lollies). I guess its now a tradition, no chance of recycling those vampire capes, $1.00 at spotlight, Jack's had to be sewn before we even went trick or treating and Hannah's fell apart as we got home!
All asleep now, too much "candy" and a few belly aches!
Happy halloween!!!!!

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  1. How cool they look, can just imagine how excited they were . Love Nan and Grandad.