Monday, October 18, 2010

Anything but....

Mellow Yellow

It works as either a dress or top, its different, not found in kmart!
I loved this fabric when I saw it! Yesterday I had this dress sitting on a picnic table, since I was going to take photos, Vicki (my sister) spotted it and even though I told her it was a size 4 dress, she was adamant that Jordan would be trying it on! Lucky too because this looks awesome as a top on the little bit bigger girls, tweenies?
$28.00 ea + $6.00 postage

I bought the kids a new trampoline today, a 12" enclosed one. Hubby was sick but I really wanted to get it up for the kids to play on so Zac (17) and I spent 2 hrs and got it together. I hope it doesn't fall down in the next breeze! Pretty proud of myself actually, construction of that nature has never really been my stong point, neither has reading instructions.
And just to let you know 4 on the tramp at once is too many! I worked that out real quick, 17 seconds 1 collision and 2 kids crying. 

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