Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Princess

....... covered in dirt and snail slime!

I finally decided I needed to do something about the garden the other day and Jack and Hannah had a great time with the thousand or so snails that were happily munching away on my plants.

I dont know whether to be proud or horrified that my girly girl will happily play for ages with something so icky!
It seemed like a good idea then, to have a snail race. Hannah had 2 entrants, 1 easily recognisable by its "a little bit" squished shell.
( I must add that despite them being slimy and icky, and unwanted in my garden, I did feel a certain amount of concern for their well being).
Jack had only the 1 entrant and treated him with somewhat more kindness than Hannah did hers!

..... and the winner is
2 of the snails who after a stressful afternoon, were put safely back in the garden and live to eat another of my plants!

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