Wednesday, April 20, 2011

$3.00 for a Bucket of Chalk

The kids wanted some arts and crafts to do while I was sewing through the school holidays, the local cheapy shop didnt have much, but they did have a big bucket of chalk!
The kids have been drawing and hopping happily for days!
Jayden and Jack's hopscotch goes up to 93 and goes round a couple of corners!
.. and Hannah's
well you would want little feet and the ability to read hieroglyphics! I love that she chose to use high heels as opposed to a good old stone! Apparently, she didnt care if she got chalk on her knickers, but she didnt want it on her dress! ( might have to work that issue out with her before she goes to school?)
Hannah and I played hopscotch for a little while, but someone wasn't too good at doing her pelvic floor exercises and had to dash to the loo....!
This photo, taken 3 yrs ago, is my screen saver!
What photo do you have as your screen saver?

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