Thursday, April 28, 2011


Jack has been asking for the last few months could he have either a baby or a dog?
My answer was No!
No more babies, i would aready have enough teenagers to worry about in my mid fifties, babies are nice, but....
No dogs, there is no medicare for dogs and I hate the smell of dog food! (cant even cope with walking down the pet food aisle at woolies).
Oscar needed a home and the kids loved him, and just between you and me, I think he's rather cute!
Jack's tickled pink and came in this morning, woke Tim and I up, to tell us that Oscar said bark, like a proud parent who's child has just uttered his first word!
As much as Jack loves Oscar, he hates walking so opted to stay home with Dad while Hannah and I took Oscar for a walk to pick up Jayden from school. When Oscar used to visit if he was inside Hannah was outside, or the other way around! I was a little worried that she might take a while to adjust. I didnt need to worry! She calls him Osc and talks to him non stop and she loved walking him to school today.
Someone mentioned today that Oscar looks like the dragon from Neverending Story, maybe not in these photos but she does have a point
BTW I loved that movie!
and I think the families going to love having a dog :)) 

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