Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some Days!

Some Days I am a grumpy Mummy!
Like today :((
So many orders I am trying to get through and yet I spent more time with an unpicker in my hand, than I did sewing, Uggh!
I thought I would have a break and a nice hot bath! Time out and peace and quiet, is there such a thing when you have kids?
Well this little Princess found me,
She came into the bathroom for a pooh and a chat! She sat on the loo, swinging her legs for 15 minutes chatting away, I kept saying to her are you done yet, can you push the button?
(its a small bathroom)!
But Hannah wanted to talk about when she was a baby, her favourite topic,
Did she cry? Yes! alot! She finally stopped when we put her on solids.
Did she bite? Yes! Who? Everyone!
When I was a baby did I sleep? Sometimes, but not much!
Was I born in a horsepitol? Yes, are you finished poohing and can you please push the button!!!
Mummy, when I was born, where you there? Yes Hannah I was there for the 18 hrs it took for Jack to come out, and I was there when you fell out 6 minutes later!
Did I cry when I fell out? Yes but you didnt hurt yourself because a very nice doctor caught you!
Oh!! was Daddy there when I was born? Kind of, he was in the room, but the golf was on....
Somewhere around here she finished her business and finally flushed the toilet,
Then Jayden found me too, and the conversation turned to farting!
Hannah, "mum, did you know Jayden lets me smell his farts?"
Me, "No, why do you want to smell Jayden's farts?"
Hannah, "oh, because he makes me!"
Me, 'Jayden, why do you make Hannah smell your farts?"
Jayden, "its better when you share them! and did you know I did one sooo big yesterday it caused an earthquake in Africä?"
Me, "no Jayden, I didn't know that! I was at work last night and missed the news!"

Sometimes toilet humour is funny?
Hip Hip Hooray its tomorrow!
Happy Hump Day!!!!

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  1. good to see that you are related to your mother.
    grand dad