Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Beach Sucks

,Said so succinctly by Jack,
"there is no sand, the waves are too big and there are too many stairs"!
(for a child in speech therapy, working on "s" sounds, the S at the beginning of "sucks" was beautiful!).
We were at the Bogey Hole, a pool, manmade by convicts in the early 1800's.
Jack and Hannah and I had gone up to King Edward Park to take some photos of the new top I had made. Hannah just wanted to stay and play on the swings, but Jack and I wanted to explore and it turned into a big walk and adventure, big enough to justify a carb loaded lunch!
It was fun though, we played in the rotunda, walked down stairs and found gardens, walked down lots of hills, wich is always a bit of a worry when you know your car is parked at the top. We then walked up hills and found the bogey hhole, said sucky beach! We got a little wet from the spray of the huge waves. We kept trudging up the hill and found a lookout where we stopped for a rest and a bit of shark spotting, there werent any!
A beautiful spot to visit in Newcastle, going to pack a picnic next time!
Hannah wants you to look at her new shoes, she's just a little in love them.

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