Monday, September 20, 2010

A Bleak yet Productive Sunday

It was a bit grey and blah here in Newcastle today!
Hannah was sick (still is, just put her back to bed with a bowl next to her). Jayden came home from a night at the caravan with Auntie Vicki and he was sick, too! Jack was hungry enough, busy enough and loud enough to make up for the other 2!
In between feeding the ever hungry Jack, giving nurofen, panodol and cuddles to Jayden and Hannah, I made myself a skirt, which I really like! it was great to take the time to make something for me and I plan on doing it again soon! I also made another 2 flower headbands and a wrap skirt which Jordan is modelling for me.
I have been playing with photoshop again tonight, since I got home from work and I edited this photo of Jordan. Tonight I love it, its grungy and out there!
Not too sure that Vicki will want a copy of this one!

Bring on summer, so over all these colds and flu's, tummy bugs, hand foot and mouth disease....

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