Monday, September 27, 2010

If you go down to the woods today...

How cool is this! We took the girls down to the park at Middlerock to take some photos of the new pants I had made, we were looking for the baby rabbits we had seen in the bush! The rabbits had scattered but this little mumma bear hadn't, she was wandering around on the ground with her ever so cute baby on her back!
I am so glad to see the koalas back, especially with babies too!

This is Amy,wearing the purple voile, ruffle pants which co ordinate so well with the
More colours to come!!!
Amy wasn't the most keen model in the world this weekend, so we bribed her with the purple pants, if she didn't wear them her sister Ashleigh would! And I would make her a purple flower headband. Well it looks pretty good and Amy loves it, and Grandma's vintage buttons are the perfect finishing touches!

And to Jayden who was 7 yesterday, Happy Birthday
I Love You!

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