Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Its Almost School Holidays

and this is where I'll be!
This is our caravan at Middlerock, near Nelson Bay!
We love it! The kids can play and run amok, they have so many friends there. They have roaming parties, from one van to the next, then to the park, then to their cubby house. It's a great lifestyle!
The tree in the front that you can see, my husband named Boris, not  sure why? But Boris sometimes smells, because Jack likes to wee on him. What you cant see is the gum trees next to and behind our van, which often have koalas in them, and they might be cute and cuddly, but they're pretty noisy of a night time and they dont sound the way a Koala looks like it should sound!
How lucky are we to have some where to get away most weekends and holidays?

Were definately surrounded by nature,
This cheeky kookaburra swooped out of the tree and stole one of the dummies that the kids had dropped, he sat for ages just thwacking it, I think he must have thought it was a snake.


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