Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Christmas Makeover

I have given the blog a Christmas Makeover, I am beginning to feel all festive!
Not long now and Santa will be on his way, the kids are so excited, and maybe me too!
Jack was telling me yesterday how excited he is, he asks me everyday if its Christmas yet?
But the part he cant wait for is noe (snow), he's never seen it before, and unfortunately, unless there is a truly amazing Christmas miracle, its not likely to happen in our neck of the woods on Christmas Day!
I wonder how much a noe machine would cost??? 
If I won lotto, I would fly him to somewhere with snow for Christmas!


  1. I love your Christmas blog! And the photo of Jack is just gorgeous. It snowed in Canberra on Christmas day several years ago - just a light smattering, but definitely snow. Maybe you could get a snow cone machine - edible snow for Christmas sounds like fun! ~ Christine

  2. Christine you are amazing! Love the snow cone idea, I am going to get one! Make Jacks wish come true even in a small way. I do now remember Canberra getting snow on Christmas Day!

  3. Thanks Lee-Anne - start making ice now!