Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa doesn't always ride a Harley....

Tonight we had Jack and Hannah's first preschool concert, it was sooo cute!
I dont know why, but I was amazed by Jack who knew all the steps and followed and kept up, he refuses to dance at home and is easily embarrassed! But he did great, and he knew it too, (he kept giving us the thumbs up)! Hannah has been so excited about the concert, she doesn't mind a bit of spotlight!
All the kids did so well, and they had so much fun, especially when Santa came.
Hannah wanted her photo taken with Santa, Jack really didn't, but decided since Hannah wasn't scared he would go too!
They both came back with lollies and orange juice, Jack so pleased to have sat on Santas knee,
Hannah, tickled pink with the lollies and orange juice, informed me
"mum, it's not really Santa Clause, it's actually JUST a Person"
in between rasing her eyebrows, and rolling her eyes that we considered her silly enough to not work out that this Santa, was actually NOT the real Santa, I lamely offered that maybe he was one of Santa's helpers,
"no Mum, he really is actually just a person"!
Funny that Santa on a Harley was so much more believable to her....

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