Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In Holiday Mode

The madeit shop is now in vacation mode! I have a few orders to finish for family and friends, and then i'll be in vacation mode! Tim (the hubby), he'll be in vacation mode from Thursday afternoon, and the kids cant wait! Jack cant wait for snow, so we are going to make snowcones (not much chance of snow on Christmas Day in Newcastle, rain highly likely though, according to the weatherman!)
There's a good chance the adults might enjoy a snowcone or 2 as well on Christmas Day, ours might contain a bit of vodka and marguerita mix though...
So the family will be relaxing, eating, drinking and playing! We will be at the beach surfing and at the lake skiing, Tim will go fishing and we'll bbq sausages for tea! We have got 3 weeks together to just have fun...

Jayden and Jack will try to remember that they are NOT  a part of the WWF team, hopefully we can have a no wrestling policy, I wont hold my breath though!
 Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you have an amazing time with your families!


  1. Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos. I like to look at them every time. Your kids are so cute and the clothes you sew are great. Also this dress and the pyjama in your last post.

    I wish you to have a harmonic and merry christmas with your family. And I'm looking forward to see your next article (maybe next year).

    Have a nice time


  2. Thanks Marion :)
    I will be back next year, hopefully with some new ideas and designs! Im sure I'll probably share photos over the next few weeks, I wont be able to help myself.
    Have a Merry Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas Lee-Anne, I hope you and and your family have a wonderful time with your snow cones! ~ Christine xx

  4. Hi Lee-Anne,

    how are you? I hope everything is allright with you and your family. The news show some bad pictures of the flood in Australia and tell us about dangerous wild animals swimming in the water. I hope you are not affected.