Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hannah's Handmade Pyjama's

I was just going through photos and found this one of Hannah, she was about 18mths old and had been exploring the backyard. I remember taking this photo because she was always getting dirty and didn't seem too girly....
She definately didn't grow into the tomboy I thought she may have, she is the girliest girl, the most precious princess!

And Hannah (and Jack and Jayden) have always worn handmade pyjamas! Their Nan makes them pyjamas for every spring/summer and autumn/winter.
Hannah has almost loved the pyjamams I made on friday to death already! She spent Saturday running around a caravan park in them, and could not convince her she needed to get dressed! (we did manage to convince her she couldnt swim in them!).

I am sharing this photo of Jack that I took the other day, its sooo sweet!

Weekends Over! Christmas is getting closer, i'll never be ready in time!!!!!!!!
Hopefully all your presents are bought and wrapped, and all you need to do is enjoy!

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