Monday, December 20, 2010

Made from Scrap

Love these pyjamas! A little bit vintage with ribbon and lace!
I even had this bizarre idea to pin tack the front, my textiles teacher wold be so proud! I might start smocking next, (you should all laugh and scoff now!)
These pyjamas were made from scrap, for Hannah, because I couldn't be bothered wading through the washing pile trying to find her 26 other pairs of pyjamas! 
But, that could be a good thing, because I quite like these pyjamas and plan on finding some more fabric, in a light voile, with purple, and adding ribbon and lace....

Custom orders re opening mid January!


  1. You are too clever Lee-Anne! ~ Christine :)

  2. they are GORGEOUS!
    lol 26 pairs! hehehe,
    TIffany xo