Monday, May 2, 2011

Vintage Ruffles, Puppy Dogs and Tantrums

Perfect for giggling and skipping!
Somedays you walk into a fabric shop and everything just falls into place! Beautiful!
First I found the floral, loved it, grabbed it, had no idea what I was going to do with it!
Then I found spots! Gorgeous, seersucker, soft, muted, coloured spots! I LoVe Spots!
I was so happy with my floral and spots, but then I found the perfect coloured poplin to tie it all together, a three tiered ruffle skirt, Beautiful!!!
Available in my madeit store
I am also thinking this combo could make up nice as an Apron Dress too???
( Hannah's singlet top is a Little Polly's Design also available at )
So while this skirt is perfect for skipping and giggling and looking gorgeous, you can also chuck a pretty impressive tantrum and look good doing it! The boots are required for full effect, if you are going to stomp out of a room, you want to be heard!
So anyway Hannah chucked a tantrum today when she realised that all Id brought home from my trip to Aldi, without her, was a bottle of juice and a loaf of bread,
It was precious and fun to watch, Thats it Im leaving" and off she flounced/ stomped, she went 2 metres and ran into Oscar, her new best friend, stopped for a chat and a cuddle, then remembered she had the pooh's, stood up and stomped off again!
Oh but she did it with style!!!
I was so happy with the first ruffle skirt I made another :)

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