Tuesday, June 14, 2011

and the cows go Boo!

We spent yesterday having a BBq Lunch with my Sister, Vicki and her Dutch husband Stef and His Dad, Cor. Somehow the conversation turned to animal noises and we giggled and laughed for ages as Stef was telling us the cows in Holland go Boo! No they are not trying to scare anyone, but they dont go Moo!!
Roosters go Kukeleku, not cock a doodle do and a bit of an "argument" was had as to which sound was the most ridiculous. Stef and his dad both quite incredulous as to how we could honestly believe a rooster stood there yelling Cocka doodle doo at the sun!
Crocodiles Klap, not snap!
Love those funny, random conversations :))
Hope its Sunny where you are!

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