Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sometimes I read Mills and Boon books..

..but dont tell anyone!
I love reading, I dont read as often as I used to,
before twins, before Hannah Banannas, but this year I have picked up and read a few books!
I like to mix up my reading
This year I have read
~ The Girl in Times square, and the Bronze Horseman ~Paulina Simons
~Echo Park , and The lincoln Lawyer ~ Michael Connelly
~ 61 hours ~ Lee Childs.. Does anyone else love Jack reacher???
~ Plain Truth, and Salem Watching ~ Jodi Picoult
and I just finished reading Sarah's Key, which was one of the reasons I put my madeit shop in vacation mode. I was offered this book a few weeks ago, read the back of the book and declined as I knew it was a book that was going to take all of my attention. It Did! and I cried! Last time I cried this much reading a book was The Time Travellers Wife,
..but some books can make you laugh,
Bridget Jones, I try sooo hard not to laugh and wake up Tim, but me and the bed shake in giggles! I keep a copy of Bridget in my bedside drawers and read on days when Laughter is needed :))
Ben Elton makes me laugh too, I read Stark while away camping at Crescent Head, many years ago, fellow campers didnt find the story as funny as I did!
Pride and Prejudice is my all time fave book!
I have read all of the twilight series and I cant figure out why Edward would want to spend eternity with a chronic whinger like Bella! and why the hell Jacob would fight Edward for her???

Once Upon a time I was a big Sweet Valley High Fan!

What are you reading Now?

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