Monday, June 20, 2011

Not Much Blogging but a whole lot of sewing!

Not much washing folded though!
I closed the madeit shop so I could catch up and finish Custom Orders, Done!
Clean my Sewing Room, Done!
Come up with some new ideas, Done!
See Photos Below...

Fold the Mount Everest Of Washing, Not Done :(

Its my major bug bear in life, its so menial and boring! I can happily clean the bath and the loo, I do the dishes, I dont enjoy it but hey, somebody has to! I dont mind standing out in the sunshine pegging out a load of washing, (we dont own a dryer, and with energy bills going up, Im glad!)
So that pile of washing is now in my bedroom with the door tightly closed. The rest of the house is vacuumed and cleaned, not devoid of toys, but somewhat tidy!
And although oneday I will concede defeat and fold the washing, today I had too much fun sewing!


  1. WOW, just discovered your blog, always on the hunt for pretty & a bit different clothes for my 2 and a half year old daughter Eleanor, l love the long dresses, where can l buy one please?. Couldn't see seem on etsy or madeit sites. ( by the way my name is Hannah & my dad is Jack!)

  2. Hi Hannah, sorry I just seen your comment, as you can see i have sorely neglected my blog. The maxi dresses are listed at
    Thanks for your lovely comment