Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The King and Queen

of Make Believe
Jack and Hannah.....
I love listening to them play, the stories they concoct, the scenarios they play out. They make me smile and often giggle! I listen to them as they plan out their games and argue over who will play which role.
Sometimes its just random, straight off the cuff, and I sit quietly at my sewing machine and just listen.
Today they were washing Dad's boat, just pretend, Hannah was making swishing washing noises for a long time when Jack finally said "ïts my turn Hannah, to use the hose".
Queen Hannah
 She didnt want to share the hose,
sooo King Jack, he went scuba diving,
 And made himself a new friend and a pet!
His new friend shark was invited camping, but its along way to camping, so he couldnt swim, he would have to go in the trailer! Jack admonished his friend shark that he was not to  eat all our food, Jack would catch him a fish later,  He was not to eat our dog Oscar, that would make us sad! .. and pleease dont eat my sister Hannah!

The crowns Jack and Hannah are wearing are sooo easy to make and are a fun addition to any dress up box! Tomorrow I will write up a what you need and how to do it list!
Sewing machine required and able to sew in an almost straight line!

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