Sunday, February 5, 2012

10am on Sunday is not a good time for me!

The theme for todays photo over at Fat Mum Slim was 10am!
Well I slept through that one!
I thought about changing the time on my clock and taking a photo of that. I took a photo of the kids jumping off the jetty at 11 and thought I could say I took it at 10.
But the truth is this
I had a great day today!
 I slept in, till past 10!!! Got up and went shopping for a bbq chook, fresh bread and freddo frogs to take on a picnic, where the kids jumped off the jetty, went kneeboarding and tubing.
The sun was out, there was no rain!
It was a gorgeous day!
The freddo frogs were on ice, (the beer too)!
and the company was fun!
We Headed home sometime mid afternoon for drinks on the verandah, which overlooks same lake we had just picnic'ed on.
The day was gorgeous and the evening too,
perfect swinging weather, and a tyre swing in  your backyard is a pretty awesome thing to have!
(note to self.. must not push kids on tyre swing after drinking wine, wonky means potentially crashing into tree!) 

...and still playing with magic fairy incrediBubbles,
it was nearly dark, but golly gosh, I think we,ve nearly got it!
I hope you all had as nice a Sunday as we did :)

and as for todays 10am photo, it was never going to happen.
Sunday in our house,
loose the watch, turn off the alarm and have fun!

Will be back on board tomorrow! :))

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