Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day! Do you or Dont you???

We Dont, not really!
We're not the Baa Humbugs of Valentines Day, we acknowledge it but we dont lash out and buy flowers or chocolates!
12 Years ago on our first Valentines Day, Tim left early in the morning for work, just as he still does now. I slept in! (I still love a sleep in!). I worked a double shift 12 years ago and also today.
12 years ago I got home late to a find a nice warm bath waiting (actually it was luke warm, I was pretty late finishing) and I love you written in my favourite lipstick on the bathroom mirror!
I thought it was the best Valentines Gift ever! i'll never forget it!

Fast forward to today, similar in so many ways, Tim left early for work I had a double shift. The grand parents were organised for school pick up, Tea was the only unknown factor. So I decided I would duck down to the local IGA for a BBQ chook and some vegies, something easy for dinner.
Tim rings me everyday at 9.45am, morning tea break, to say hello, to find out things he needs to know...
to touch base with the person you love!
today while on the phone, on valentines day, as im waliking out of the local supermarket, instead of hearing, "I love you" He gets öh F&**&$###@" someones run into the car!
No note, no witnesses a $550.00 excess!
The car was his pride and joy and he's rather upset!

So I hope he finds this message when he wakes up and it at least makes him smile a little, makes his day a little brighter...

and at some point, I think, i need to talk to a fingerprint expert and find out who's grotty hands have been all over my bathroom mirror?

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