Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Stranger! I love her bubbles!!

Day 4 of the photo challenge at Fat Mum Slim's blog!
So todays photo is of a stranger
Her bubbles were IN crediBubbles! Awesome!
And for $7 you could buy the Magic Fairy bubble wand And Fairy Bubble Mix Recipe!
It was worth $7.00 just for the bubble mix recipe!
These lovely bubbles were available today at the first Olive Tree Market of the year!
Here's our try
We'll keep practising! But Jayden thought it was pretty cool that his bubble nearly ate Hannah!
Happy Sunday for tomorrow. The sun is meant to be shining here so we are boating! Kids will be skiing and tubing and I might even try and get back on the kneeboard!
However you decide to spend your day, have fun!

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