Sunday, May 29, 2011

Woopy Doo!

Notting Hill is my all time, most favourite movie!
So for those of you who have watched and rewatched the movie, remember the scene where Hugh Grant was trying to climb the fence, couldn't, and kept saying "woops! a daisy!" Anna (Julia Roberts) giggled so much! Soo Funny!!
Tonight I was (not) arguing with Jayden (7), about whether Hannah could have another glass of water before bedtime. I put all the kids to bed and got them all a glass of water, Jayden wanted to argue that Hannah had already had a drink and didnt need another. My argument was, that really, it was not Jayden's business whether Hannah had already a drink, and WOOPY DOO if she had!
Well Woopy Doo is the new word in the house! Much laughter and giggling!
Jayden, "woopy doo I love you!'
Hannah, "woopy doo, I love you, too!"
Jayden, "woopy doo, i farted on your side of the bed! I love woopy doo, why didnt you teach it to us before?"
One Day  I will share my woops! a daisy! story with you,
It involves a little bit of alcohol, a fence surrounding Newcastle Race Course and lots of P Platers beeping at the silly lady in the pretty dress, stuck on the top of the fence!

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  1. Woopy doo - I think you have given away most of the story.