Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Love Hats!

When my eldest was a baby, he's 17 now, he would not keep a hat on his head! I had a girlfriend who's boy was 6 weeks younger, and he had the greatest hats, and he kept them on!
I was so jealous, I love babies and kids in hats!
Jayden wouldn't wear a hat, and neither would Jack! Hannah wasn't overly fussed, either, until she realised that people loved her hats and stopped to tell her so,
finally, a child of mine loves hats as much as I do!
I am really liking all these bright crocheted hats, winter doesn't need to be dull!
This purple one, I love! She's kind of a trendy Miss Marple!
Dont you think?
Hats are $20.00ea with delivery and sometime soon I will get around to putting them on madeit.
Jack has also finally come around and is sporting the coolest hat at preschool!
The coolest dude there!
For this week only, I am covering postage costs on Jelly Skirts!
For 18 bucks these will be delivered to your door
Happy Hump Day :)

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