Monday, March 21, 2011

A bit of Mondayitis!

..and a whole lot of sinusitis! Yuck!!!
Just got back from taking 2 four yr olds to the dentist, 2 loads of washing that still need to go on the clothes line, tea to cook since I have to work tonight and yet I am sitting on my bum, procrastinating, wishing it were still the weekend. Sigh....
We had a long weekend away at the Bay. Cruisy and fun, the kids love it!
We had McDonalds Sundaes at the Duck pond and fed the ducks and a chicken too!
100s of ducks and 1 chook?
We op shopped and dump shopped and found lots of treasures.
Lots of vintage buttons, so excited!!!!
and a really cool scooter for $5.00
We went for walks and played at the park and had a great weekend!
Hannah and I, we went for a walk and picked some wildflowers
Love our weekends away at the Bay!
Better go and do something now 4 more sleeps...

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