Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Weekend Over!

If some of the words in my post dont look quite right or dont make sense try adding a H in there somewhere.
Jack stood on my keyboard a few weeks ago and the H is a bit wonky and temperamental!

Sooo this weekend was really nice! Saturday, I had good intentions of cleaning up, but decided tere were better ways to spend a weekend. I croceted a hat for Jack whhile watching Once Were Warriors, its a slouch hat  and very cool I think! Jayden loved it, but it was a tad too small for im!
Saturday Night, Tim and the bigger boys went to Nitro Circus! Jack wasn't very impressed about being left out, see photo above! Cool hat though! Jack and Hannah and I, we went out for dinner, all you can eat, lots of OK Chinese food, they love it!
Sunday was Loop the Lake for Tim, 88.4 kms in 3hrs 42secs on a pushbike, he beat us to the finis line, (we were meant to be there to clap and cheer, but we were still deciding what to wear?)
We took him a beer thoug, figured he'd earnt one! So Tim recovered and the kids played at the park
Ten we went to the Poppyseed Markets at the Glades at Warners Bay! Hannah bought some airbands from Sophie and Jack, spotty ones to match her spotty dresses!
I went shopping and got more of this fabric
which we then went and showed off at Nobby's Beach! Bloody beautiful there!
Kite surfing must be thing to do on a sunday in Newcastle, there were heaps of them!
We wandered over to horseshoe beach to take some more photos with Newcastle landscape behind us!
(this is the new spotty dress, with pink yoyo!)
We may have been in the right place at the wrong time though?
I hope you all had a great weekend and as its now Tuesday, I hope you all are over Mondayitis!

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